GRAND PRIX HI-TOPグランプリ・ハイトップ



Respect for British Racing

Grand Prix Heitop design recalls a racing style of a fierce and ugly Formula Genesis. We researched iconic racing shoes that existed only in a slight time from the 1950s to 60's, and revived with modern interpretation. This shoe drawn up with strong influences in the history of the UK Goodwood is the crystal of respect for the british racing.

A trip to inspiration of the story

Grand Prix High Top (hereinafter referred to as G.P. HI), collection of images that focused on the feet of the driver were very extensive. The Internet is, of course, that research is sometimes the venue in the city of the city, and in the case of the old photographic cases in the old magazine's back number in the old picture case where genres and times are not divided. Many of those information are taken before the race of races, and the photos of the "inter-arm" are mostly accounted for. In addition to the laceer's face, it was not only the laceer's face, but also a glimpse of the attractive expression as a gentleman.

Molyslip Trophy Race at Snetterton. 1962 © © ©lamy

Let's introduce the image that has received the characteristic inspiration. It is one of the Molysip Trophies, which takes place in the Sunetter Ton Circuit in the eastern part of UK in September 1962. Jack Brabam and Roy Salvadouri surrounding Cistor Carlisle of cute racing drivers. Graham Hill with tide up and symbolic helmet. And Tony Mags, which floats a sad expression on the left, is a healing tab around heel tab in his shoelace to hold his back strongly. On the right, the smile Tony Merch wearing a combination color driving boot. (Do you just change to a racing suit? I have a trouser on his left hand!)

Motif to recall Heritage

The Sole of the Racing Shoes at the 60's was not rubber but a non-lined body, and it was not a lining, but the original black model GPHI , Details of detail are reorganized according to the modern lifestyle. The upper 60's is the Popular technique, which was still a popular technique, Lombardy Tan of Tannin. Front-toe is designed to twin eyelets, a symbolic detail of Negrononi. In addition, lining can enjoy the change of aging, and it is arranged in a luxury specification even daily in luxury. And, a paradigious cedar wood color heel guard is a standard color that was adopted not only sneakers but also on driving chaker boots and slippons at that time.


Narrow style realized by Shitagi type

G.p.hi produces sophisticated styling that does not stop only historic racing style, by using a material that is luxury. When worn, the uniquely with a familiar with Lombardy Tan and the thick cushioning insole, which is slightly combined, the entire foot is covered with a sense of pressure on a moderate pressure. A new last GRS designed for this model adopts an escape structure that eliminates the foot muscle three-dimensionally. A slender silhouette than traditional sneakers is secured, but a movable space of a pleasant fingertip is secured.

Sophisticated contemporary interpretation

G.p.hi lineup does not stop only the original color. Models that adopt the comfortable oil-of-seeds reminiscent of modern racing shoes are well balanced in vintage and comfort, and can produce elegant and urban style. In addition, high-top sneakers are equipped with rubber shoe races that eliminate the annoyance of attachment and detachment of removability are standard-equipped and highly convenient specifications unique to modern.

Fabric model that does not choose weather

And the model of combination upper with waterproof coating with a waterproof coating and a strong water repellent negloned wet track calf is designed with tough use that is not aware of the weather. The dirt on the fabric can be wiped off with water containing water, so it is possible to use everyday every day. Of course, it is not an exception when walking to the Goodwood Circuit, and walking "Wanting in Asagu".

GRAND PRIX HI-TOPグランプリ・ハイトップ