New Orthodox Driving Shoes

The exciting coloring and the advent of idea corsas in hard laminated carbon fibre have changed the concept of driving shoes. Since its launch, the shoe has been "called the new standard for driving shoes and has been overwhelmingly supported by professional racers and car developers around the world.

Tighten the quality tightly.

When you pass your foot through the Idea Corsa, you can feel a strong sense of rigidity, as if the entire foot is being holdd in the bucket seat without gaps. This powerful fit feel is precisely created by a unique bucket insole that supports a combination of different materials such as carbon fiber and heels and arches three-dimensionally.

Solid carbon leather trim

The iconic upper trimming features groundbreaking carbon split leather developed in Viella, Italy, a textile sanctuary. The laminated carbon pattern film provides strong strength to withstand pedal scratches, as well as easy wiping off dirt, dust, brake dust, and other dirt on the surface.

Carbon fiber (carbon fiber) shine

The perfollation-designed side emblem features a 1.5K carbon fiber twill coated carbon prep prepreg laminated to semi-matte. It embodies the philosophy of Idea Corsa, which demonstrates the performance of sports driving without regret.

Intuitive pedal feel to control speed and styling full of goods

Good driving shoes must be devoted to Kuroko in a nerve-sharpening sports driving. Instead of having unnecessary presence (noise) in the car and body sensation, it needs to be a hub for accurate transmission of information without disturbing concentration. However, the styling after getting out of the car is full of luxury that d'ece from elegant materials as well as the sportiness produced by carbon fiber. Ideal Corsa's appeal is its outstanding functionality and everyday styling that can withstand hard driving.

A color palette that spreads innumerable with the imagination of the material

In addition to its extensive stock color lineup, Idea Corsa has countless color variations when combined with conceputable limited materials and collaboration models. It is also possible to create special bespoke-colored idea corsas at occasional color order events. Please enjoy your own color collection according to the driving feel of the season.