Concept, pure.

Excellent designs should be a collection of pure curves generally. The appearance of a driving chaker boots, a chewing appearance, is never a flower beauty. However, in a simple pattern design that consists of only five, the concept required by the driving shoes has no excuse.


Graham Hill at Goodwood Circuit. 1966 © ©lamy

What is the source of driving shoes

Do you know that midtop chaker boots were commonly used as racing shoes in F1 in the late 1960s? Starting with a focused Graham Hill, such as Gym Clark, Jack Brabam, and a glamorous racer, such as Gym Clark, Jack Brabum, remains a record that used Racing Chakka Boots made by British.

Very simple five configuration parts

Quattro Upper is mainly composed of 5 parts consisting of Vumps, two eyelets, heel guards and side guards. Although it looks like a simple look as easy, the balance calculated to the details produces an exquisite fit unique to Quatro.

Eyelet "Quatro"

The name of Quattro (4) is derived from these four eyelets. With a simple structure that supports A with a small eyelet, it is possible to easily open and close the mouth. In addition, isolation stitches sewed in parallel with this eyelet are traditional motifs that can be seen in the 60's racing boots design.

Classy appearance that dissolves everyday

Impossible Driving Shoes It's a clean styling quatro, but if you go through your feet, you will be able to capture from the nails to the back firmly with a single-piece leather, and it will be covered with a sense of driving shoe. It can be said that the one model that embodies Driving Philosophy unique to Negrononi.

Do you choose either Tuscan leather with contradictive individuality

The most difficult problem in thinking of quitro may have to choose either two kinds of leather with "conflicting individuality". By selecting material selection, not only styles, but also the fit of our fit significantly affect it. These beautiful leather are finished in the long-established continuity of Italian Tuscan, which is also trusted by Negron. Cleans with a thick and long-thick hair fucked with a beautiful tuscan suede, Quattro, in addition to authentic styling, can feel a rich rigidity. Although I feel the strength of Hali, I felt the strength of Hali, but I'm gradually softer and grow up to the nearest wearing comfort. On the contrary, smoking calf finished with a fine aging burnish can feel a smooth fit from the moment they got into a white wax that infiltrated the entire leather. The comfort and taste depth of this leather can not be said in words. Whether you choose this wonderful leather is a troubled unique to quitro that can feel the leather throughout the foot.


Top line drawing conceptual curve

The top line of Quattro (the line of the foot) is gently left from the top of the back to the heel and is greatly driven on the heel. This is a design for making it not to interfere with the tendon of the heel during the pedal work. This distinctive top line produces an iconic expression that can not be seen in orthodox chaker boots. By the way, in the United Kingdom Goodwood Circuit, the United Kingdom Goodwood Circuit is the British Racing event called Goodwood Revival, which reproduces the atmosphere at the 60's at the 60's, in the same place where the second Graham Hill has shown. Negronon is also the only brand that is currently allowed to open from Japan. Kuwatro also takes its own leverage of driving shoes's design heritage.