Regarding driving shoes

Q. I'm worried if the shoe size fits on the mail order.

Since NEGRONI's driving shoes use EU size rubber soles, it is necessary for customers to know the exact shoe size they usually wear in advance in order to select the appropriate size by mail order. .. Please check the size of your shoes from the link on the SIZE CHART page on the product page, and refer to the balance with general sports sneaker size, EU size, UK size, USA size. , Please choose the most appropriate size.
However, there are concerns about the instep and width, and size concerns are difficult to judge from the table alone. In that case, our experienced staff will be happy to assist you with your size until you purchase it. If you are uncertain about the size, please select the field at the time of purchase, or feel free to contact us at info @ negroni or NEGRONI customer dial (03-3801-8591).

Q. Is it possible to walk around the city with NEGRONI's driving shoes?

Of course it is possible!
NEGRONI's driving shoes use a cushion insole that can be used comfortably while walking while maintaining the thinness of the outsole that sharpens the pedal touch so that it can be used in various driving scenes and lifestyles. I will.

Q. Is it possible to purchase a collaboration model?

I'm sorry! Due to the contract with each automobile company, we cannot purchase on this site. If you wish to purchase a collaboration model, please purchase it from the official online store (external site) of each company linked from the PROJECT MENU.

Q. I have other models, but do all the shoes have the same size?

NEGRONI's current shoe collection mainly uses two types of wooden patterns. We have set different comforts depending on the design, but there is not much difference in the size feeling of each wooden pattern, so please check the following lineup before purchasing with confidence.


Q. Is it possible to drive MT cars and 3-pedal cars even with slip-on loafers?

Of course, it is possible to drive MT cars with models such as Cabrio Wild Penny. However, pedal operability tends to be slightly inferior to models with a firm instep and heel hold, such as sneaker types and double monks. If you would like shoes that suit your environment, please feel free to contact NEGRONI Customer Dial (03-3801-8591).

Q. Is it possible to use it on the circuit?

NEGRONI's driving shoes are not racing shoes as they are intended for city riding and leisure use. If you wish to use it on a circuit, please observe the regulations of each circuit race and decide to use it at your own risk. Please note that we cannot guarantee any troubles that may occur during high-speed driving on circuits or public roads.

Q. Is there a lineup that is not available on the official website?

The official web store lineup will be updated from time to time, but some products may be in stock at the factory before the update. We can make products without size in about 2 months, so if you would like other products, please feel free to contact NEGRONI Customer Dial (03-3801-8591).

Q. NEGRONI can order colors, right?

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we do not currently have a system for accepting color orders at this web store. We have a rich color lineup carefully selected for all models, so we would like you to choose from the mountains, but if you want to order colors, you can go to department stores and specialty stores nationwide. You can use the color ordering event that is held irregularly at NEGRONI Factory & Office, or you can order the color individually at NEGRONI Factory & Office. For more information, please feel free to contact us at info@negroni.jp or NEGRONI Customer Dial (03-3801-8591).

Regarding repair and care

Q. Is it possible to replace the sole?

Of course you can! Our NEGRONI Factory is currently accepting repairs of all soles (sole replacement) in units of hundreds of pairs per year. Please use all-sole repair so that you can use the purchased product for a long time. We accept it for ¥ 8,640 (tax included) + shipping fee ¥ 756 (tax included). If you pay from our cart (coming soon), we offer free shipping for purchases of ¥ 30,000 or more, so it is very profitable to use it together with the purchase of the product.

Q. What kind of repair does all sole (sole replacement repair) specifically do?

NEGRONI's all-sole repair involves heating the soles of the shoes we have received once, and the craftsmen completely remove the soles of both feet, put them back in the wooden mold at the time of manufacture, and replace them with new soles. .. Since it goes through the same line as the process of manufacturing new shoes, the texture of the leather that has been softened by wearing it is kept as it is, and the shape is cleaned and restored. However, please note that all soles may not be possible if the leather part is severely damaged.

Q. Sudden trouble caused some damage to my shoes ...

Depending on the degree of damage to your shoes, our NEGRONI Factory will provide as much repair support as possible. In that case, we will quote separately depending on the damaged state. For more information, our expert staff will visit you, so please feel free to contact us at info@negroni.jp or NEGRONI Customer Dial (03-3801-8591).

Q. I am worried that the sole will not come off.

At NEGRONI Factory, the sole crimping process is strictly controlled, but if the sole should come off, it is extremely dangerous and should be discontinued immediately. Our factory will be responsible for repairs.