Color to shake the five senses

When the Leather delivered from the Santa Chan Tanarie's Sacred Land, Santa Croche's Contuner Ro Stivale to the work bench. We were completely fascinated by passionate colors that the sense shakes and a refreshing smell of the nasal cavity. It was likely to see the primitive fascination of original leather. The grid is no exaggeration to say that it is created to enjoy this beautiful leather.


Wild wild in quietness

Grid pattern design is complicated, but there is no flashy for the shoes itself, but it is an elegant impression. On the other hand, the upper upper upper upper is a wild attraction with deep gloss and rough skin facial expressions of "Lombardy Tan". The combination of this neat pattern and wild material is finished in exquisite styling balance.


Recipe of the Ancient Tooler

Is the fascinating leather Lombardy Tan, why is the person who attracts people? In 1958, Ro Stivale inherits the traditional Teka Method of Ancient Talkana, and is one of the few tanari that specializes in Mimosa, Chestnut and Kebraco, a few tannin tanning. Among them, the craftsman who traditionally inherits the "ancient recipe" has an outstanding technology called Master Tanner. Lo Stavallet leather is a small color turbidity in plant tannin, and its coloration is just vivid. I can feel a true luxury feeling that is unlikely to be a good taste, from the carefully finished work.



Fragrance to stimulate sensitivity

If we are enjoying your leather scent every day, it may be a bit unique brand. When I work in Factory, I feel very nice when I had a scent of a stable tree tannin leather. Lombardy Tan, which is finishing from 100% plant at the time of manufacture, has emitted a luxurious and luxurious smell. But unfortunately, products with the original scent of leather are gradually lost from the world. From the leather of "Chrome", which accounts for most of the entire leather consumed in the world, it can not feel the original scent of the leather. The rare experience of enjoying the smell of leather does not have to be a gift consisting of Tuscany's technology that does not neglect to nature.



Enjoy the essence until the heart

By applying a light burnish, heel & toe gives a gentle contrast, and the upper is finally finished by neutral cream from nature. Tightening the straps, with the unique stiffness unique to plant tannin leather, wrapped in a luxurious fit from the nail tip to an arch. Lining Leather Motor Hyde Vintage, a glimpse of a glimpse of a glimpse of a glimpse of a glimpse of the feet, but also changes its feet, but also a glossy almond color with upper aging. In addition, the top line that carrally curled under the wake is a luxurious driving shoe, of course, as a luxurious driving shoe, as a luxurious driving shoe, as a luxury driving shoe, as a leather sneaker that has made a lot of lightness under the wake comfort. And it should not forget the plant tannin tanning leather reliably absorbs traces of your experience. The color of tannin gives the leather warm to the leather over the passage of ultraviolet light and time, and changes to a depth color each time the use is repeated. Of course, there is no leather for the same expression as a pair. Small scratches and wrinkles with strong sunshine, one one is proof of your footprints and grids are deep emotions.