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[The ultimate collaboration]
A special collaboration between NEGRONI's IDEA CORSA and the NISSAN GT-R 2024 model. Two key figures in the development of the NISSAN GT-R, Mr. Hiroshi Tamura (NISSAN Brand Ambassador, Product Planning Division) and Mr. Mitsunori Morita (Senior Manager, Advanced Design Department, Global Design Division) from Nissan Motor Co. The "IDEA CORSA", NEGRONI's representative driving trainer, was changed to a paper pattern exclusively for the NISSAN GT-R model. The colouring and expression of the materials, the logo metal and other fine details have been tuned to the special specifications unique to the GT-R edition.  

The IDEA CORSA is NEGRONI's flagship model, designed to be the ideal driving shoe. It boasts outstanding manoeuvrability and comfort in sports driving thanks to its powerful fit that holds the entire foot in place. The exceptional foot feel was discovered by Mr Tamura, who worked on the development of the NISSAN GT-R and Fairlady Z for many years, and this collaboration was realised. The heel guard has been updated with a powerful design inspired by the NISSAN GT-R tail design. The accent piping lines are in a red colour inspired by the NISMO exterior. The tongue section has been modified to a three-dimensional shape to achieve a better fit than the IDEA CORSA base grade.

[Beautiful emblem expression]
The tried and tested GT-R emblems are reproduced using a nickel-plating process and two types of colour injection: pearl red and black. In particular, there is only a 1 mm clearance between the middle of the GT and the centre of the R. The process of injecting the black paint is completed through an extremely difficult process. These emblems are made by a skilled domestic hardware manufacturer.

The technique of embedding the GT-R logo into the embossed leather was designed to mimic the details of the steering wheel, and was achieved through the persistence of Mr Tamura and the skills of NEGRONI's craftsmen. The technique of embossing the leather by thinning the back of the leather in sections and adjusting the thickness of the leather and the core is a unique craftsman's method, achieved by the work of a Negroni craftsman, and is a legend unique to this model.

The NISMO logo, which has a beautiful expression, is made from aluminium based on the latest NISMO emblem. After painting the entire piece black, the surface of the lettering has a hairline finish and is finished off with the delicate process of placing red paint on the edges of the 'O' without missing a beat. This meticulous finish was specially manufactured at an emblem factory in Japan, which specialises in automobile emblems.

[Discussion on fit]
The wooden pattern of the IDEA CORSA shoe has been developed with 3E as the standard. The width and instep have sufficient volume to provide an excellent balance for most Japanese foot shapes. The Negroni leather used for the upper is robust and versatile, making it a very user-friendly version of the IDEA CORSA variant. In addition, the bucket insole with excellent arch and heel hold, developed especially for this version, improves the rigidity of the entire shoe and provides a more sensitive manoeuvring sensation. 

[Driving considerations]
The shoe can be used sufficiently for a wide range of situations, including three-pedal sports driving and tough speed attacks, as well as general lifestyle driving. The high driving performance of NEGRONI driving shoes is so highly regarded that they have not only been adopted as a development standard for leading national and international super sports cars, but are also regularly used as an evaluation standard in motorsport impressions for car TV programmes broadcast in Europe. It is also a shoe with a highly recommended rating for those who want to experience NEGRONI driving shoes first hand.

UPPER A: Negroni Leather®︎ Millennium Jade (Cowhide)〔MADE IN JAPAN〕

UPPER B: Carbon Sprit Leather 

(Split leather with PU Film) 〔MADE IN ITALY〕

UPPER C:  Carbon Fibre


LINNING: Coolgrand Cushion Lining (Polyester)

INSOLE:  Negroni®︎ Bucket Insole (EVA)


SOLE:  Driving Rubber Sole (Synthetic Rubber)


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