NEGRONI is a lifestyle brand that focuses on driving shoes and leather goods. Since the brand's launch in 2000, we have created innovative driving shoes that will scream even the world's most renowned professional drivers, journalists and prominent vehicle developers. A precise mechanism that brings the operability of the car closer to the physical sensation, and a comfortable fit that makes you forget you are wearing it. The unique "Driving Philosophy" cultivated over many years and the technological capabilities of "MADE IN JAPAN" that NEGRONI Factory continues to protect are unrivaled. And the emotional design that evokes various lifestyles continues to attract celebrities who love motor sports not only in Japan but also in Europe. The source of NEGRONI's inspiration is not limited to the proportions of modern motor design, but also the private style of former professional drivers, used racing parts, and metal fittings of vintage cars. A deep knowledge of history and materials is reflected in the details of the product, inviting you to an exciting and glamorous world of driver's style.