• Wild Penie III Classic Brown
  • Wild Penie III Classic Brown
  • Wild Penie III Classic Brown
  • Wild Penie III Classic Brown

Wild Penny III

Wet Track Calf

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Product information

Wild penie III 2021 with a more soft-borned wet track calf by a new tanning process method. The color is a new color Walnut. The water repellency is characterized by the soft feeling that fits smoothly to the foot. Heel steps and lining have a tasteful taste due to aging, adopt motivated vintage, and built-in comfortable thick cushions under lining. The combination with the air cushion mechanism Hovercraft ® in the rubber sole reduces the stress during walking. In addition, wild penie shoes are also developed based on a slip-on tree based on 2E. The fingertips are secured enough to have a sufficient room, but compared to other sneakers models, the characteristics of slip-on may be felt in the beginning of the slip-on. In addition, if you start wearing a loose, it may be easier to take off, so if your feet are slightly felt, please consult your customer service once. It can be eliminated by order processing. For more information, see "Topic About Size".
You can enjoy driving in common lifestyles.

Upper: Wet track Calf (cowhide, water repellent finish)


Lining: Motor hide Vintage (cowhide)

Insole: Leather heel step (cowhide / EVA)


Sole: Driving rubber sole (synthetic rubber)


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