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Wet Track Calf
Pebble grey

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It is a new model of 2021 by Wild Penny III that uses a wet truck calf which is made by the new tanning process. The new color pebble gray is attractive color light. Water repellency is a soft feeling that fits smoothly to the feet. The heel step and the lining increase the taste by the aging change, the motor hide vintage is adopted, and a comfortable thick cushion is built under the lining. Hovercraft for air cushion in rubber sole ®️ By combining with, reduce stress during walking. Also, the wild Penny shoe tree type has been developed based on the slip on tree type 2E. It is sufficient for the fingertip, but the slip on characteristic is compared with other sneakers. In addition, if you feel that your feet are slightly high or wide, please consult your customer service once you start to loose. It can be solved by order processing. For more information, see topic about size.

A study of driving
You can enjoy driving in general lifestyle.

Upper: Wet track leather (cowhide, water repellent finish)


Lining: Motorhide Vintage (cowhide)

Insole: Leather heel step (cowhide / EVA)


Sole: Driving rubber sole (synthetic rubber)


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