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Negroni Punching Leather
White & Cloud Blue

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Product information
[Product description]
The Idea is a driving shoe that is a classic Negroni classic. The upper is made of fine Negroni leather, a special manufacturing recipe that has been kept since the company's foundation, perforated to make it breathable and lightweight. The iconic twin eyelets are made of Tuscan smoking calf. It has a distinctive gradient look. The grippy rubber sole and classic insole cushioning can also be used extensively as a leather sneaker for walking and as an easy-fit driving shoe. Although the model has been on the market for 15 years, it still enjoys great support from automotive professionals worldwide and is also used in the field of automobile development.
[Discussion on the Fit]
The Negroni Leather Idea is the brand's very origins in fit. The shoe's wooden profile was uniquely developed for the Idea, based on a 3E standard. The width and instep have sufficient volume, so they have an excellent balance that can be adapted to many Japanese foot shapes. The perforated Negroni leather used for the upper is breathable and soft to the touch.
[Driving considerations]
The Ducati R1 is a sports car that allows you to enjoy both general lifestyle driving and basic sports driving, including three-pedal driving, without any stress. The balance of handling has been proven by many championship-winning professional racers.


Negroni leather /Negroni Leather
Toscana Smoking Calf / Tuscan Smoking Calf

Silver cushion liner / Silver Cushion Lining (Polyester)
Original insole / Original Insole

Driving rubber sole / Driving Rubber Sole

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