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Smoking calf

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Idea is a classic Negroni driving shoe.
A smoking calf with a soft and emotional look is used for the upper. The varnishing process of the finishing process gives the heel and toe an exquisite contrast.The cushioning properties of the rubber sole and classic insole with excellent grip can be widely used as leather sneakers for walking and as easy-fitting driving shoes. ReleaseIt has been 15 years since then, but it is still gaining a lot of support from automobile-related people all over the world, and it is also used in the field of automobile development.

The idea shoe mockup is developed based on 3E. The width and instep also have enough volume, so it has an excellent balance that can fit many Japanese foot types.
And the smoking calf used for the upper is the softest leather in Negroni's leather lineup. After being tanned and dyed by a skilled Tuscan tanneryWhite wax is impregnated throughout the leather. The smoking calf, which has repeatedly bent over time, gradually becomes softer due to the characteristics of the wax, and the facial expression also has an aged taste.

You can enjoy driving in a general lifestyle and basic sports driving such as 3 pedals without stress. Its well-balanced operability has also been proven by pro racers with many championships.

Upper : Tuscan Smoking Calf (Buffalo Leather)


Lining : Silver Cushion Lining (Polyester)

Insoles : Negroni Classic Insole (Polyester/EVA)


Sole : Driving Rubber Sole (Synthetic Rubber)



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