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An enduring classic that has been in the making for 20 years
The basic system of driving shoes
▪︎ for a wide range of AT and MT sports driving

▪︎Functionally well-balanced entry model
▪︎Contrast of different materials
▪︎Round toe shape
▪︎ 3E wide last with volume in width
▪︎ water repellent nano ceramic coating
▪︎ Tuscan suede upper with beautiful colors
▪︎ classic insole for a fresh feel underfoot
▪︎ neutral-colored driving sole
Manufactured at ▪︎ Negroni Factory Tokyo

Design Concept
The Idea is Negroni's classic driving shoe. The rubber sole with excellent grip and the cushioning of the classic insole can be used widely as a leather sneaker for walking and as an easy-fit driving shoe. Although 15 years have passed since its release, this model still attracts great support from automotive professionals around the world, and is also used in the field of automobile development.

Toscana suede
Tuscany suede, which boasts thick and beautifully textured fur, provides a firm and rigid feel that captures the entire foot, enabling pedal work with a high sense of stability. The firm texture of the suede gradually loosens with use over time, becoming soft enough to transmit the smooth movement of the fingertips.

The surface of Tuscany Suede is coated with a water-repellent nano-ceramic coating prior to shipment. This coating agent was originally developed for leather seats and Alcantara by Ceramipro, a company that mainly handles car body coatings.This coating agent was originally developed for leather seats Alcantara by Ceramipro, a company that mainly handles automobile body coating. The coating lasts for about 5-6 months after application.The water repellency of the nano-ceramic film will last for about 5-6 months after application, but the effect will gradually diminish depending on the environment and temperature. After a certain period of use, we recommend a water repellent treatment such as Coronyl Carbon Pro.

The Idea of Negroni Leather is exactlythe origin of the brandThe fit can be described as the brand's origin. The shoe's tree shape was developed uniquely for Idea with 3E as the standard. The width and instep have sufficient volume, so they have an excellent balance that can conform to the foot shape of many Japanese people. The Negroni leather used for the upper is taut and supple. While it has a good softness, it also has a toughness that prevents the leather from getting "tired" over a long period of use.
Driving Considerations
The driver can enjoy basic driving in general lifestyle and sports driving such as 3-pedal driving without stress. The balance of the handling has been proven by many championship-winning professional racers.


Lining: Silver cushion lining (polyester)

Insoles: Negroni Classic Insoles (Polyester / EVA)

Sole: Driving rubber sole (synthetic rubber)

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