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[Reborn design]

The VARANO is a side gore slip-on remake of Negroni's highly popular "Volante Corsa" model. It has been modernised and refinished to the latest specifications in terms of the wooden pattern, internal construction and sole, but without losing the base concept. Carbon fibre is used for the internal construction of the footwear opening to reduce the tendency of the side gore to slip off. The simple, smart design of the Varano is best suited to business style.


[Micro-pigmented shrink]

The micro-pigmented shrink used for the upper boasts excellent colour and grain, as well as outstanding durability. It is manufactured in a new leather tannery with the best technology in Japan, which specialises in leather for high-end furniture. The combination with carbon leather is reminiscent of luxurious automobile interiors.


[Driving sole with dress sole tailoring]

This model features a "driving sole with dress sole tailoring" designed by Negroni. The 22 mm heel height allows the sole to be worn with casual driver's shoes as well as business slacks and dressy set-up styles. It can also be worn with business slacks and dressy setup styles.

The outsole is made of ultra-light Vibram Gumlite, manufactured exclusively at the Vibram factory in Italy, with fine foam bubbles on the sole surface for perfect grip when walking and driving. The welt line (the part of the push-fish that protrudes from the sole) is finished to minimise the clearance with the toe shape so that it does not interfere when pedalling.

The toe shape is also designed to allow for the forward/backward pivoting movement when the heel is up, which is essential in the driving position,

 The heel shape is tapered at 80°. The heel is cut in an 80° tapered shape to enable the back-and-forth pivot movement when the heel is up, which is essential for the driving position. This is due to the special manufacturing method of the three-dimensional leather welt, which has the visual effect of hiding the volume of the wooden form inside the sole. This is a unique Negroni mechanism that preserves the beautiful exterior of the dress shoe, like the leather sole, without losing functionality and a rich fit.

[The concept of the fit]

The Varano is characterised by the shoe's unique relaxed fit.

Slip-on shoes are generally difficult to fit, but the side gore design allows them to be adapted to different foot shapes.

 The Varano tree shape is designed to be similar in size to the GR tree series, such as the Grand Prix High Top, Spearhead and Kingston. The concept of the S-curve, which captures the entire foot three-dimensionally, is also followed in this wooden form, so you can feel a high-quality fit, as if you were wearing a custom-made shoe. In contrast to the seemingly sharp appearance, the toe is thick enough to provide space for the toes to move.

The fit is not the tight, hard fit that is common in general dress shoes, but rather creates a comfortable space that cannot be imagined from the exterior when the foot is actually placed in the shoe.


[Driving performance]

The Varano's unique fit is always relaxed, with side gores that hold the instep in place. It is also very compatible with driving, making it ideal for cruising around town or light sports driving.

Upper A: Black carbon leather (cowhide, split leather) 

[Made in Italy]

Upper B: Micro-pigmented shrink (cowhide leather, water-repellent and stain-resistant) 


Lining : Micro-pigmented shrink-wrapped ultra-suede®︎

Insole : Bucket insole (EVA)


Sole: Dress and drive heel (D2R heel)


Outsole: (Vibram Gumlite®︎) [MADE IN ITALY]
Welt and stack: Cowhide leather [MADE IN JAPAN]
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