Renovateur Cream

Renovateur Cream

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Renovateur Cream by French Saphir Company, which is best suited for the Negroni Leather and the Wet Track Leather care. This clear coluorless cream is highly versatile, giving nutrients and flexibility to the surface of the leather, and keeps the moisture. In addition, it is possible to keep the face of the entire shoe beautifully by having a natural luster created by the protective coating on the surface of the leather, by continuing to regularly take care of the leather. This is a very versatile cream among Saphir's care creams, which can be used for a wide range of leathers. *A cloth is included for applying the cream.

1. Lightly blush the entire shoe to remove dirt and dust from the shoe.
2. Take small amount of Renovateur Cream on a cloth, and spread it evenly to the entire shoe, as to make a thin coating.
3. Leave for 3 minutes, then wipe and polish with a soft, dry cloth, or shoe Mittens to finish it off. Our recommendation is to do this once in a few weeks.


SAPHIR RENOVATEUR CREAM / Saphir Renobeiter Cream


Main ingredients: wax, fats and oils, organic solvents Capacity: 50 ml (emulsifier)
Dedicated package + with cloth
Usage notes:
・If the surface of the leather is moist, dry it before using.
・Because the cream is soft, please be careful not to spill when closing the lid.
・ It cannot be used for brushed materials, enamel, reptile leather.
・After use, close the lid completely, avoid high temperatures and direct sunlight, and store out of reach of children.

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