• All sole full restore pack

All sole full restore pack


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Recommended for those who want to enjoy their shoes longer or who want to maintain the balance of their pedal grips. In all-sole repair, the soles of the shoes we have received are heated once, and the craftsmen completely remove the soles of both feet, put them back in the wooden mold at the time of manufacture, and replace them with new soles. Since it goes through the same line as the process of manufacturing new shoes, the texture of the leather that has been softened by wearing it is kept as it is, and the shape is cleaned and restored.
ALL SOLE FULL RESTORE PACK is repaired in total including insole replacement, string replacement, and color repair of the upper part in addition to normal ALL SOLE.

It is recommended that you order the sole replacement timing when there is a hole in the heel or when the tread of the sole is significantly worn.
However, please note that all soles may not be possible if the leather part is severely damaged.

In addition, if the upper part is significantly damaged, an additional charge may be incurred. In that case, the person in charge will contact you.


Send repair shoes to the address below
(The customer bears the full cost of the delivery fee)

Delivery after repair is completed

Approximately 1 month

To repair staff
102, North 2nd Building, Hanamizuki Dori, 8-5-9 Minamisenju, Arakawa-ku, Tokyo 116-0003
[Telephone number] 03-3801-8591
* We also accept inquiries regarding repairs.

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