Terms and Conditions

The operation of "Negroni Official Web Store https://negronistore.com/" (hereinafter referred to as "our site") is carried out by Marumitsu Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "our company"). In order to use this site, we will read the terms carefully, thank you for your understanding and agreement.

Article 1 (definition)

In the Terms of Conditions, the terms described below are used in the following ways. "This site" is a system with the provision of goods or services, and a system with an online product or service provision function, which is a site operated on the Internet based on this Terms. "User" refers to the person who accesses this site. "This service" refers to the service to be provided, for those who use the "This site" based on the Terms of Conditions, and the content and type of service, change, increase or decrease from time to time The notifications shall be performed throughout this site, or email, and other communication means.

Article 2 (Contents of Service)

1. Users of this service shall follow the terms of use.

2. This service delivers goods, etc. to the destination designated by the user, and if the user is obliged, the user sends a notification to the email address registered by the user, It shall fulfill the obligation of

Article 3 (scope and change of terms)

1. The Terms Agreement shall apply to the Company and the user and shall be applied to the Company and the user, and the user shall comply with the agency in good faith.

2. The Company configures some of these terms and the additional provisions that we notify users of users and other methods specified by the Company or other methods. If this Terms and Identification and additional regulations are different, individual regulations and additional provisions will take precedence.

3. We have to change the terms and conditions without the consent of the user. In this case, the terms of use of the service provided by this site shall be based on the change terms of use. The change shall be more efficient than when notified by e-mail addressed to the address notified to our company in advance, the general bulletin of this site or otherwise that the Company recognizes it.

4. With the change of the terms and conditions, we shall not be liable if the user fails to be disadvantaged and damaged.

Article 4 (member registration)

In the Terms of Terms, "Member" accepts all the contents of the Terms of Conditions, applying for membership registration according to our prescribed procedures, and the Company approved this. Also, to use this site, you do not need to be a member.

1. From the new member registration page of our site, we will apply for membership registration after entering the necessary items from the new member registration page of our site.

2. In the member registration procedure, when registering personal information of a third party other than the person, it is assumed that the personal information is registered in advance by registering the consent of the third party in advance.

3. The Company will register the member registration button and register the member registration procedure as a member.

4. If the Company finds that member corresponds to any of the following items, we may cancel the registration by our judgment.

-The member was found to have been disposed of cancellation of member registration, such as violation of the terms established with the Company in the past (but not only this) case

· When it turns out that the member registration contains false matters

-The member had a delay in charge obligations of payments such as rates, unrecoverable returns for long-term products, regardless of their need for some services to offer in the past, If it turns out that

· If it has been found that it was a registration application other than the person who went without agreement with the person

· If you approve other registrations, it is reasonably judged that the Company is reasonably judged in the operation and management of this service

Article 5 (Password Management)

1. Members shall be responsible for strictly managing and storing the password set by the member itself during member registration etc.

2. Members shall not transfer, sell, succession, loan, disclose or leak, etc. to third parties, unless the prior consent is.

3. Members will immediately contact our company if the password is used fraudulent or that it is that.

4. Members shall be responsible for damage caused by the lack of password management, an erroneous use, or a third party, etc., and the Company shall not pay any responsibility.

Article 6 (change of registration content)

1. If the member changes to all or part of the matter reported to our company, we shall change the registration content promptly by the Company separately. If such a change is not made, our business execution based on already registered matters shall be considered appropriate and valid.

2. We will not be liable at all even if some damage causes some damage due to the membership registration as appropriate.

Article 7 (withdrawal)

1. Members shall be able to withdraw at any time according to our prescribed procedures.

2. Members who made an appointment will have a loss of membership qualification when we accept the outgoing proposal and notify the confidence completion.

Article 8 (User status and limitations)

1. Status of user

At this site, the user is considered to be an agreement to agree on this term, at the time of enjoying any of the services provided (including the viewing of information), and at the same time, at the same time. It shall get the status as a user.

2. Limitations to Users

· Act that uses this site by methods other than the method specified by this site

· Act that uses this service to be another person

· Act that specifies the link of data related to this service to other data in a manner other than this site

· Action that may unauthorize or destroy or destroy this to data stored on a computer that uses this site

· Act that interferes with the operation of this service

· Use of operating activities using this service and use for the purpose of use and the purpose of preparing. However, if we approve separately, this is not the case

· Things to collect or store personal information of other users, or try to do these acts

· Acts against public order and morals and other acts against domestic and foreign laws and regulations

· Other acts that we judge as inappropriate

Article 9 (Interruption, Stop)

1. If the Company falls under any of the following cases, our unique decision may suspend or stop some or all of the service without prior notice.

· When performing devices for this service, maintenance inspection of the system, and update regularly or urgently

· If it is difficult to provide this service due to the force majeure such as fire, power failure, natural disasters

· If the task of the first type telecommunications carrier is not provided

In addition, operation or technical technology is necessary to temporarily suspend or stop this service, or dismiss that our service is difficult to provide this service due to unforeseen situations.

2. The Company shall not take any responsibility for any disadvantages and damage that the user or third party is covered by the occurrence of temporary interruptions and stops of the present service.

Article 10 (about the handling of the link)

If you link to another site from the various services provided by this site, and third parties provide links to other sites, we are responsible for the sites other than this site. not. In this case, we will not be liable for any content, advertisement, goods, services, etc., which are included in the site and can be used on the site. We are not responsible for compensating for any damage caused or related to those content, advertisement, goods, services, etc.

Article 11 (Copyright)

1. Users do not obtain the consent of the rights holder, and any information provided through the "this site" in any way, replication, sales of the private use of individuals defined by the copyright law, and sales It can not be used for publication, other applications.

2. Users do not accept the consent of the right holder, and in any way, you can not use a third party and use any information provided through this site or to make it public. .

3. If a problem occurs in violation of the terms of this section, the user solves the problem associated with self-responsibilities and expenses and does not give any nuisance or damage to our company.

Article 12 (About intellectual ownership)

1. Copyright of this site is owned by our site and our company. The information you are published is not permitted to duplicate, send, download, save. However, if you meet all the following conditions, partial replication may be possible.

Personal use, not for commercial purposes.

Do not delete displays for copyright or other intellectual ownership contained in the information.

2. Products listed may be protected by intellectual property rights owned by our company or other third parties. No license for such intellectual property rights is given.

3. This site's name and logo are the trade marks and service marks attributable to our company. Used for use without prior permission by our company is prohibited. Therefore, copyright of content such as characters and images, such as articles, photos and illustrations listed on this site, is available at this site and content provider. Also, for the "this site" as a whole, there is editing copyright on this site. These pieces of information can not be used without permission and duplication without permission except for copyright law.

Article 13 (liability liability)

1. On the provision of this service, retardation, change, interruption, cancellation, stopping or abolition, outflow or burnout of provided information, etc., or other user or third party damage occurred in relation to other service , Company shall not take any responsibility. However, personal information registered through this service will be determined separately in the "Personal Information Protection Policy".

2. If the user damages a third party by using this service, the user solves his own responsibility and expenses and does not damage our company. If the user damages the Company by an action that is contrary to this Agreement or an illegal or illegal act, the Company shall be able to request corresponding damages to the user.

Article 14 (Privacy Policy)

Users' management and handling of users who know that we can know in connection with the use of this service shall be due to the privacy policy separately defined by the Company.

Article 15 (General)

Japan law applies to the establishment, efficacy, performance and interpretation of this terms.

Article 16 (Disclaimer)

1. This site does not guarantee its integrity, accuracy, certainty, and usefulness for information provided by this service.

2. This site does not have any responsibility other than the "Article 2 of the Service" in the Section 2 of the Section 2 of this service, regarding the damage, loss, disadvantages, etc. generated by the user.

3. This site shall not be liable for damage, loss, disadvantages, etc. caused by the provision of this service.

4. This site shall be disclaimed by project processing according to the contents registered by the user.

5. If the user uses this service, if a third party causes damage, loss, disadvantageous, etc., the user solves at its own responsibility and burden, and It shall not bother at all.

6. Order, inquiry, we will respond as soon as possible, but your response may be delayed, so please forgive me.

7. Depending on the customer's usage, the display of the screen (PC, OS, browser, display, etc.) may be different.

Article 17 (agreement jurisdiction)

If there is a conflict in terms of this Terms, the district court that has jurisdiction over the present store location is the exclusive agreement jurisdiction of the first trial.