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When I first buy shoes in a web store, it is always a "size problem" to be worried.

Our Negroni customer staff has been practicing the problem solving of many customers' sizes through the experience of 20 years of web mail order experience. Various solutions are available by data and case studies accumulated by exchanging with customers for many years.

First, before choosing a size, we will introduce three services that are based on Negronistoa.

The basic approach of customer service boasts Negroni is to always think about the best measures that can only be done because it is a factory direct delivery.
We will not make efforts to match your size. If you want to set the size, you may often add a special action to the manufacturing process of the shoe. And all the size recipes of the shoes made once are accumulated in the Negroni Factory, so it is safe at the next order.

Of course the shape of the foot is another another. It is also a difficult technique to combine 100% by all customers in the order of web mail order from around the world ....
However, I do not need to worry too. The product you are asking for the store, even after the shopping, we will respond to the end until the end, so please choose the size safely.

First of all, we prepared a size guide program to predict the size of Negroni by yourself. These programs are schematic representing information that the service staff is based on the regularly to determine the size of the customer. If you are considering buying Negrono shoes for the first time, do you first referring to this program?

All shoes of Negrononi are produced at Tokyo in-house factory, but they are created based on EU sizes in relation to the Italian rubber sole. The following size chart compares Negron's shoe size and the size standards of each country. Please use it with the size of your shoes.

The chart is divided into dotted cases with narrow and wide cases. Please choose the appropriate size while in light of your foot characteristics.
※ Japanese leather shoes size may not be "applicable" to the above size.


Please feel free to contact us by phone or email.


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Negroni customer service has a question flow chart that is helpful when asking for sizes. Sneakers, boots, etc. are divided into "Group A" and low furers and slip-ons into "Group B" and configured. If you get lost in size, this flowchart may be a hint.

The wood-type concept differs slightly in group A and Group B products. Since the comfort is different depending on the type of leather, please check for detailed information on each model on the product page in the web store.


Please feel free to contact us by phone or email.


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This is a corner where you have a common question sent to Customer service of Negrononi. Choosing the size of the shoes and proposes various resolution methods for people who have the same troubles and their resolutions.

Q. Of the shoes by mail ordersizeI am anxious if it matches.

A. Negroni Driving Shoes EUsizeUsing rubber sole ofsizeIn order to choose, shoes that yourself usually wearssizeYou need to know exactly. From the size chart and the size flow chart described on this page, your shoes usuallysizePlease check and generally sports sneakerssize,EUsize, UKsize, USAsizeThe most appropriate while referring to the balance withsizePlease select.However, there are troubles such as A and Width,sizeAnxiety is difficult to judge only in the table. In that case, experienced staff is your customerssizeWe will support you carefully to purchase.In sizeIf you have anxiety, please feel free to contact us if you choose the field or if you're info@negroni, or Negroni Customer Dial (03-3801-8591).

Q. Wear 25cm with leather shoes
Inis. Since sneakers differ depending on the manufacturer, it is the Negroni shoesizeI am wondering if I choose. I think that the width of the foot and the height of the instep are normal. Appropriatesizeplease teach me.

A and Negroni are generally large. 24.5 cm is appropriate if the width and theorescence are normal for leather shoes.sizeI think. ifsizeEven if you do not fit, if you fit in the roomsizeI will exchange it.

Q. Always greater shoes (loom)Inis. Negroni actuallysizeLoosenInIs it okay?

A. Basically, it is easy to wear your preferencesizeI think you can choose, but in the characteristics of the driving shoessizeSo, since space can be space between the foot and the shoes, the movement of the foot and the movement of the shoes are likely to occur in the pedal operation, and there is a possibility that there may be some impact on the timing of depressing the accelerated or brake. There is. From the above, if you plan to wear it as a driving shoes, as much as possiblesizeIt is recommended to choose.

Q. The shoes that always wear because the foot width is extended. I'm worried that you can wear Negroni shoes.

A. Negroni is generally large. And I am making it with a wood type in accordance with the Japanese foot, so it is enough to wear the width and the heopard.sizeIt is a feeling. Still width and stopunintentionallyIfsize1sizeThere is a way to raise the width and back and create it. For more information, please contact customer service.

Q. Currently, IdeaInis. We are considering purchasing Grid this time,sizeIs it all right? The width of the foot and the coin are normal.

A. Idea and Grid use the same wood type, so the samesizeSelect the topInfine. Other, Idea Corsa, Quattro also use the same wood type.

Q. Currently, Idea CorsaInis. We are considering purchasing Wishbone this time,sizeIs it all right? The width is slightly wide.

A.IDEA CORSA and WISHBONE (Slip-on type) use another wood type, and the slip-on type is the width and back. Same as IDEA CORSA if the width is somewhat broadsizeThenunintentionallyThere is a possibility. In that case, the slip-onsize1sizeThere is a way to raise the width and back and create it. For more information, please contact customer service.

Q,size1sizeIt is not enough to raise it, but I feel a little loose. Do you have any measures?

A, if it is a string type, it becomes tight by tightening the strap. In addition, if other than slip-on type, under the insolesizeYou can tight a little tight by inserting the adjustment board. For more information, please contact customer service.

Q. Negroni alreadyInBut whatsizeWrongInI forgot to. No matter if you look at the shoessizeBe writtenInI do not know if there is. ShoesizePlease tell me how to confirm.

A. It is printed inside the shoes, butInSummitInIt may be rubbed and disappear. In that case, please remove the insole and turn it over and check the "toe part". For example, if only "5" is written, 25 cm, "5- (or Undervar" is 25.5 cm.

The above frequently asked questions are just an example. If you want to know more accurate information, please feel free to contact us.


Please feel free to contact us by phone or email.


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