Patine Wet Track Calf
Empire Blue

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If you are unsure about the size, please do not hesitate to contact us, even after you have purchased the product.

<Special colour with dye finish>
The upper is made from a special wet track calf that is finished with patina dyes. Starting with the base dyeing from the time of cutting, before bottoming and during finishing, the colour is applied in several different shades in order to create a transparent shade. This special colouring is the result of a long process of delicate handwork.

<Beautiful hammered hooks>
The unique hook system allows you to enjoy two types of comfort: relaxed and tight. The newly developed hammer hook allows for easy finger placement and simple removal of the monk belt, eliminating the hassles of putting on and taking off a double monk.

The KINGSTON S hammer hooks are laser cut and polished in the barrel for a long time, giving them a beautiful polished finish. This is a special finish unique to Negroni metal parts, which is a transfer of the technology used to polish stainless steel products such as cookware.

<Driving sole with dress sole tailoring>
This model features a new Negroni design, the 'Dressed Sole Driving Sole'. The warmth of the dyed leather welt is combined with the functionality of rubber to create a special original sole with a heel height of 22 mm, which can also be used for dressier setups.
The outsole is made of ultra-light Vibram Gumlite, which is manufactured exclusively at the Vibram factory in Italy, and the fine foam bubbles on the sole surface provide the perfect grip balance when walking and driving. The welt line (the part of the shoe that protrudes from the sole) is finished to minimise the clearance with the toe shape so that it does not interfere when pedalling.


<Fit concept>
Hold when hooked, relax when unhooked... You can enjoy two types of comfort. This is NEGRONI's original fit system adopted from the previous double monk model, FIORANO.
The design of the wooden pattern uses the same sole gauge (bottom dimension) as the Grand Prix High Top and Spearhead, so the sizing is an extension of these models (GRS wooden pattern). The concept of the S-curve, which captures the entire foot three-dimensionally, is also followed in this wooden pattern, so you can feel a high-quality fit, as if you were wearing a custom-made shoe.
In contrast to the seemingly sharp appearance, the toe is thick enough to provide space for the toes to move.

<Driving performance〉
Hooks up securely to the heel for a better fit when driving. Ideal for cruising around town and light sports driving.
If you would like to change to the ARS sole with high driving performance, which was also used in the previous FIORANO, please feel free to contact us after the exhibition.

Upper: Wet track calf leather 
Lining: Horse saddle leather lining
Insole: Negroni horsehide insole (horsehide/EVA)
Sole : Dress and drive heel (D2R heel)
Outsole: (Vibram Gumlite) [MADE IN ITALY].
Welt/Stack: Cowhide leather [MADE IN JAPAN].
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