Coatied Split
Imperial Blue by GT Colour Lab™

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Product information

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This is a product designed by GT Colour Lab™, NEGRONI's colour research series.

The newest tech leather "Coated Split" is used for this product. This leather, specially ordered by NEGRONI from a leather factory in Viera, Italy, has a beautiful protective film that is seamlessly pressed onto the surface, and has "strong water resistance," "scratch resistance," and "dirt resistance," a coating that significantly changes the concept of the traditional hides. It has a coating function that has revolutionized the conventional concept of leather. Light stains can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth or alcohol-based wet tissues, and hard-to-remove stains that have penetrated the grain can be brushed off with a metal brush. This coated split leather is truly the future of the leather industry.


< Design concept >

SPEARHEAD is the newest model to be launched by Negroni. The design is inspired by the design features seen on racing shoes from the early 70's and re-designed them to be a modern low top driving shoe. It features a large side guard and heel counter that extends radially from the vamp, and an eyelet line that extends all the way to the tip of the shoe. The distinctive spearhead shaped heel tab shows where the naming is derived from.

< Fitting >

It is definitely one of the most, if not the most comfortable driving shoes to wear within the Negroni lineup. You will feel the flexibility of the entire upper, grippy heel, and the unique extreme comfort, which is derived from the super high rigidity of the whole shoe. The new original GRS last is developed to capture the foot muscles three dimensionally. The S-shaped structure from the toe to the instep might give a slim impression at first glance, but it is actually incredibly comfortable to wear thanks to having solid thickness in the vertical direction on the last. Also, the latest cushioning material with excellent diffusion absorption and moisture release using irregular cross-section yarn enables comfortable temperature control that does not get too hot at high temperatures and does not get too cold at low temperatures. It also manages to reduce the unwanted humidity during long distance driving and sudden temperature change inside the shoe caused by the thin sole normally seen on other driving shoes.


Upper:  Coated Split Leather (Cowhide and Water Repellent)

[Made in Italy]

Lining: Polyester Derby Split Leather (Cowhide and Water Repellent)

[Made in Japan / Italy]


Sole: Driving rubber sole (synthetic rubber)

[Made in Italy]

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