Tuscany Suede

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Combines sports driving with everyday use,
All-round driving shoes.

▪︎Fit for a wide range of AT and MT sports driving.
▪︎Sharp toe shape
▪︎Next generation GRS last with relaxed fit
▪︎Water-repellent nano-ceramic coating
▪︎Tuscan suede upper with beautiful colouring
▪︎Leather insole with relaxed fit
▪︎Neutral-coloured driving sole


SpearHead Spearhead is the latest Negroni, which was newly designed as a modern driving shoe, inspired by the details found in racing shoes in the early 70s. It features a large side guard and a heel counter that extends radially from a vamp, and an eyelet line that is approaching to the toes. (See the attached photo) In addition, the origin of the title (spear head) The heel tab with an arrow -shaped shape has a powerful contrast on the design.

This work uses a beautiful colored colored colored of Tuscany's Tuscany, the most classic leather in Negroni. Wrap the entire foot with a thick and solid suede. In addition, the compatibility with the new neutral color driving sole with the Negroni logo mark is engraved. You can also switch to another expression by changing the optional shoe race.

It is no exaggeration to say that the comfort of the spear head is the highest point of comfort that Negroni is ideal at the moment. The goodness of the entire upper and heel grip, and the comfort of the foot that can be felt immediately after worn, and the comfort of the feet can be said to be a unique fitting feeling of a spear head with the highest rigidity. In this work, an original wooden GRS that captures the movement of the leg muscles in three dimensions. At first glance, it is a tortoise that makes you feel a slim impression by the flesh of the S -shaped structure from the toes to the instep, but it has a solid thickness in the up and down direction of the wooden shape that does not make you feel the tightness of the width and instep. It is finished with a feeling. This comfort can be felt in a well -balanced manner that enables free driving even in all hard driving phases. In addition, the latest cushioning material with excellent wherb and absorption and moisture absorption by using a variant shaped section thread enables comfortable temperature control that is less likely to get hot when high temperature and does not get cold when it is cold. It can reduce moisture during driving for a long time and reduce the sudden temperature change in shoes generated from the thinning of driving sole.


Upper A: Tuscany Suede (Cowhide)


Upper B: Wet Track Calf (Cowhide, water repellent finish)


Lining: Derby Split Leather (Cowhide) / Polyester

Insole: Leather Insoles (Horsehide / EVA)


Sole: Driving rubber sole (synthetic rubber)


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