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"New item"
It is the finest handmade shoe tree (shoe keeper) FA85S of the brand "LA CORDONNERIE ANGLAISE " founded in Paris in 1885.
This is a Negroni tree type

"8166 Series"
· Idea
· Idea Corsa
· Quattro
· Grid
· Anima
· Fiorano (end of production)
· Technica (end of production)
"AGO Series"
· Wishbone
· Wild Penny III 

Ideal for care and storage of the above model.
Use of highly secure French vinyl materials that clear the rigorous provisions of the French government for forest protection and wood storage processing. Provides beautiful gloss and dehumidification by special water-soluble kniss finish that prevents dirt adhesion and aging of aging.
The FA85S is the most standard and versatile Best Seller model in LA CORDONNERIE ANGLAISE . It can be said that it is a large number of universal schles covering a wide lineup of Negroni. Natural wood grain is beautiful Shine Wax. In addition to preventing the type of shoe collection owned, it does not only prevent the creation of a perfect appearance at the time of storage. It is no exaggeration to have a body with a tube with a stable twin tube and split type and say that it is an essential care product for Negroni owner.
"How to use"
1. Make sure there is nothing in your shoes and loosen your shoelace and spread your mouth.
※ There is no way to remove the insole.
2. While inserting the tree into the shoes, hold the stray tree with a turkey while inserting the tree.
3. While pushing the spring of the central twin tube, push firmly into the heels.
4. Push the tip firmly to the nail tip.
5. While resting the tree, keep the beautiful shape while resting for a few days.

La Cordonnerie Anglaise Paris / LA CORDONNERIE ANGLAISE 
(Made in France)

Country of origin: France
Raw material: French Bena

"How to select the size"
Size expansion is 7 size deployment of EU 38-44.
Please choose the same thing as the EU size of Negroni.

"Usage Notes"
· Due to the characteristics of handmade products, differences may be made to the shade of the wood grain and coloring.
· Because it may be impossible to bend it forcibly, please stop.

La Cordonnerie Anglaise Paris / Cordonri-Angrays
(Made in France)

Country of origin: France
Raw material: French Bena
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