THE Mod MONTHLY] December - Idea Corsa

THE Mod MONTHLY] December - Idea Corsa

THE Mod MONTHLY] -December

This is the last model of [THE Mod MONTHLY] proposed by Negroni.
The performance as a driving shoe is kept as it is,
unprecedented color combination,
Please enjoy the seasonal pair that changes every month.

This model is,limited to 3 weeksInWeb Store OnlyAvailable for purchase only on our web store.

Modified Idea Corsa

For December's exclusive "Mod" item, we present the Idea Corsa, a luxurious wet-track calf leather sneaker reborn.The deep navy contrast and fine gloss expressed by the subtle burnished finish. The distinctive leather lining and leather insole are a first for Idea Corsa. The result is a very elegant style while maintaining the sharp impression characteristic of Idea Corsa.

About Idea Corsa

The Idea Corsa is Negroni's flagship model, designed to be the ideal driving shoe. It boasts outstanding maneuverability and comfort thanks to its powerful fit that holds the entire foot in place. The side emblems are made of coated carbon prepreg, a cutting-edge carbon material. The vivid contrast between these luxurious materials creates a sophisticated driver's style.

Price: ¥44,000 (tax included)
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