THE Festive weeks- Winter Holiday - Latest information (updated January 1)

THE Festive weeks - Winter Holiday - Update (updated January 1)

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We will be holding a web store event from December 22nd.THE Festive weeks - Winter HolidayThe event will be held until 23:59 on January 14, 2023 (Sun.) and consists of three parts: "Christmas, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day". Each of the three parts will feature different products and events.

 THE Festive weeks - Winter Holiday Event Schedule

- Sector 1 "Christmas" - End

End12/22 (Fri.) - 12/26 (Tue.) 23:59

MARKDOWN A selection items up to 20% off
Event limited Christmas package

◆New racing stripe wallet on sale!
◆Negroni Original Key Holder Present

- Sector 2 "Year-end" - End

◇Period: 12/27 (Wed) to 12/31 (Sun) 23:59

MARKDOWN B selection items up to 20% off
 ◆Event limited New Year's Eve package

Free order fee for configurator!
◆Negroni Original Key Holder Present

- Sector 3 "New year Happy New Year" - Now on sale!

Period: 1/1 (Mon.) to 1/14 (Sun.) 23:59

MARKDOWN C selection items up to 20% off
◆Limited quantity NEGRONI Lucky bag FUKU BAG

Event limited THE MOD ENDURANCE 9 items in total Order accepted
◆Negroni original key holder present

THE Festive weeks - Winter Holiday
-Sector 3 "Happy New Year" - -Sector 3

Event Period

Holding period:January 1 (Monday) - 1January 14 (Sun.) 23:59

Venue: Special page in Negroni Web Store


MARKDOWN C Selection Items Up to 20% OFF

Up to 20% off selected models and colors for the event period onlyduring the event period. Driving shoes sizes may run out of stock during the event period. In that case, you can order from "ORDER" in the size section. (Please note that orders placed through ORDER or ASK may take longer to be delivered.

Click here for sale items



The popular THE Mod series is back. The Idea Corsa, Spearhead, and Grand Prix Hightop are radically modified in a color scheme reminiscent of Endurance's history. Enjoy these special event-exclusive patterns.
(This product is completely made-to-order)

Click here for THE MOD ENDURANCE

◆[Limited quantity] New Year Lucky Bag 2024

The "Negroni Lucky Bags" are sold out immediately every year!

New Year Lucky Bag

 Free Configurator Order!

The order configurator, which allows you to design your own Idea Corsa, will be free of charge until Sunday, January 14, 2024. The configurator is free of charge and anyone can enjoy the simulation. Please take this opportunity to design your favorite color Idea Corsa!

IDEA CORSA Order Configurator


New Racing Stripe Wallet is now on sale!


We aimed for the smallest and the best functionality.
Negroni's designers have completed the "Ideal Smart Wallet," conceived during their travels around the world.

The bicolor body with beautiful colors is made of luxurious French goat leather (goat leather). The four card pockets are designed in the image of racing stripes. The back pocket isThe back pocket is designed to hold tickets, parking tickets, and other ticket items that are easily lost. Inside the easy-access one-sided round zipper, a removable file is partitioned and can hold trifolded bills and coins without any inconvenience.

And the material of the partition file, which is the most distinctive feature of this wallet, is a slightly hard carbon fiber material with a special laminate coating. It is designed in a minimal size so that parking receipts, business cards, and receipts, which are often difficult to store in a wallet on a daily basis, can be folded and inserted. In addition, the characteristics of carbon fiber are utilized in the file.The carbon fiber also prevents skimming, which occurs frequently, by storing credit cards inside the file.

The initial release color lineup includes Stratos Blue, Racing Orange, Hunter Green, and Blackbird.


◆Negroni original key holder gift

Customers who purchase a total of 11,000 yen (including tax) or more will receive a Negroni original key holder. This factory-made key holder is made of leather scraps from the manufacturing process. You can not choose the color and quality of leather. Please understand beforehand.


Other notes about the event

The product lineup of selected items for each of the three parts of the FESTIVE WEEK is different. Please note that once each period ends, the items will return to their regular price or will no longer be available for purchase.

Please note that points will not be awarded for the use of points during the event period. Also,Please note that points cannot be used during the event period.

If you would like to order a size that is not in stock, you can order it at a discounted price by clicking the "ORDER" button. Please note that it takes time for us to make your order. Please understand this in advance.

Products without "ORDER" and "ASK" buttons in a size will be sold only for the size in stock due to the end of material supply. It is not possible to make new ones.

The contents and date of this announcement are subject to change without prior notice. Please understand beforehand.

Please note that the 15% off coupon for collector's packs cannot be used during the event period.

The latest information on the event will be updated as needed.