Invincible White] Derby Titanium White

Invincible White] Derby Titanium White

 Observing the repaired shoes sent to the Factory on a daily basis, we notice that the percentage of white is very high.

Shoes made of white Negroni leather are one of the most popular colors in our product lineup. White sneakers have a soft grainy feel and can be enjoyed throughout all seasons. However, while white is a color that gives the wearer a sense of elegance and cleanliness, it also has the problem that dirt tends to accumulate on the leather surface and in the crevices between the leather's grains, making it difficult for customers to remove dirt themselves.


This realization inspired us to look for a "function" that could not be expressed in conventional Negroni leather.
Is it really possible to develop a white leather that is simply resistant to stains, and one that can maintain its whiteness while being worn?


With a history of over 1,000 years in leather making, excellent tanners (leather technicians), and a high sense of aesthetics, we thought it would be possible to develop a leather like the one mentioned above in Italy.
The development of white leather that combines the beauty and functionality that Negroni seeks was entrusted to a tannery in Viera, Italy.


The resulting beautiful white leather is "Derby Titanium White.

At first glance, it is difficult to distinguish Derby from ordinary leather, but in fact, a delicate, ultra-thin film is pressed onto the surface of the leather.

A notable feature of this leather is that water, as well as dirt and mud, can be easily removed by simply wiping it off with a wet tissue. On the other hand, the unique knobbiness and suppleness of natural leather will not disappear. The coated surface is also resistant to scratches, making it a "versatile leather" that is both water-repellent and scratch-resistant. It is an interesting material for the next generation of Negroni.


This titanium white leather is used for the "Spearhead", "Idea Corsa", and "Grand Prix Hightop" presented at this exhibition. 


Spearhead (White & Orange)


Spearhead (White & Red)


Spearhead (white & gray)


Idea Corsa (Titanium White)

Grand prix high top (natural oak)