5 tips to lead you to your ideal color order

5 tips to lead you to your ideal color order

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My name is Miyabe, Brand Director of Negroni.

I am introducing in this issue of Carrozzeria Negroni,Order Configuratorhave you already tried it? We are currently accepting orders for Idea Corsa and Quattro on the Negroni brand website.You can now simulate your order for the Idea Corsa and the Quattro online.

During this periodNo order feeand for the Idea Corsa, we have added a white sole and gray laces to the parts you can choose from. Of course, if you just want to enjoy the simulation, you can do so free of charge. It will be a fun time for you to choose the color of leather, sole, and stitching to create a model of your choice.

However, not everyone can easily decide on the perfect color for their order. Once you have decided on a color, you may not be confident in your taste or have never ordered a color before. If you have never ordered a color before or are not confident in your own sense of taste, you may feel uneasy about the finished product. Since you are taking the time to place an order, you want to increase the probability of success.
So today, I would like to share with you some tips based on my experience of handling more than 1,000 orders in the past,
I will share with you five tips for a successful color order.I would like to introduce "5 tips for a successful color order" based on my experience of handling more than 1,000 orders in the past. If you have any doubts about your order, please take a look at them.

Tips 1: "Start with a key color
When you start the color simulation, if you do not have a clear image from the beginning, you may not know which color to choose first, and you may get lost in color. In such cases, the first thing to keep in mind is that "there must always be a key color somewhere.Your own key color".This is the first thing to keep in mind. By deciding on a key color at the beginning,the concept of your order will be very clear.
First of all, what is my definition of key color?


  1. 1. a color that I always feel at home wearing. 

  2. 2. a color that I always choose for some reason.

  3. 3. colors that are indispensable to the story.

Any of the above three colors should be included.The three colors must be included in the body. This color should always be included, even if it is only in one place on the entire body. It does not necessarily have to be in the leather of the body. It can be a string, stitching, or a key color.Just one will do.It's not necessary to choose it in the leather of the main body. By including that one color, you can always come back to your color concept.


▼ <1> is a color that is strongly related to the elements of your daily attireIt is a color that is strongly related to the elements of one's daily attire. The overwhelming majority of men tend to wear navy, black, gray, brown, etc., but if there is one color in particular that you often choose for your own outfits, you can include that color in at least one of your outfits,If you have a color that you often choose for your outfits, you can create a sense of stability and unity in the balance of your style.

1 If you match mainly the colors you usually choose for your outfits, you will discover a chic but personal color.

▼ <2> are colors related to your roots and mindset.2〉 are colors that are related to your roots and mind. These are colors that have been favorites since childhood, colors that you feel at home just by looking at them, or colors that you unconsciously choose. These colors bring a sense of security to the finished product, so when in doubt, it is a good idea to choose a personal color. Of course,〈1〉 and〈2〉 have a near-equal relationship, so if you follow their mutual tendencies, they may be the same color.

2 The author has been attached to deep green since childhood. It still has a strong sense of visual stability.

▼ <3> is a color that can tell a story3〉 is a color that can tell a story. For example, the body or interior color of your car, the racing color of your favorite team, or a wild energy color,You should be able to clearly explain why you are using that color.The condition is that you can clearly explain "why you are using that color". It is very important to convey your feelings and story to someone because you have put your heart and soul into the color you have created. Incidentally, in the past, we have often encountered color schemes such as "green and yellow," "light blue and orange," and "black and red" that we thought "must be that color. In this way, it might be interesting to create a story to be proud of, based on the concept of a particular coloring.


  3 The standard racing colors have a big impact. This color" is also a persistent favorite.


Tips2. "A sense of balance in material selection

After deciding on the key color, the next step is to decide on the overall body color. Of course, if the key color is used as it is for the upper side, as in the case of Idea Corsa, the image will be clear. However, another important factor in deciding the body color is the "sense of balance.Material SelectionThe other important element in deciding on the body is the "choice of material.

The Negroni configurator allows you to choose from a variety of materials outside of the standard lineup.Imagining the finished product while considering the characteristics of the material is one of the best parts of ordering!Please refer to the following list of materials that can be used for your order. Please refer to the following list of the characteristics of the materials used in our custom-made products.

▼Negroni leather

Characterized by its firmnessJapanese shrink leather/.
The coloring is uniform throughout the leather.
Sturdy and versatile for everyday wear/
Because of its glossy appearancecontrast with carbon leather is weak/
If you use a neutral color such as ivory, you need to tighten it with stitching.the impression may be blurred./
Recommended when you want to express a specific concept color/


▼Tuscan suede

Thick and firm Italian suede/
Long fur and beautiful coloring/
Light colors are susceptible to stains./
Water repellent coating is applied before shipment.Water repellency lasts for about 6 months/
The matte texture from a distance, so it can be used with carbon leather and other materialsThe contrast between different materials is great!/

▼Oil burnished suede

Italian suede with oil burnished and moist.
Because of the oil leatherThe coloring is uneven./
Strong vintage look/feel
Water-repellent coating treatment is applied before shipping
Water repellency lasts for about 6 months/
Recommended when you want to create an austere texture/


▼Smoking calf

Italian buffalo calf that is soaked in wax and moist/.
By far the most comfortable footwear./
Due to the white wax leatherColor and grain are uneven./
Moderate vintage feel/
Not sporty enough/
Recommended when you want to create an austere texture/

▼Wet track leather

Original Japanese calf with outstanding quality/
Soft and comfortable to the foot/
In the tanning process of leatherWater repellency is added/
Glossy and dressy/.
Recommended for an elegant texture

▼Lombardy tan

Vegetable tanned top quality leather made in Italy/
Beautiful color and texture
Wild and fine texture/
Very good foot comfort/
The leather quality is very goodI do not recommend extreme color stitching/
Recommended when you want to create a special feeling that can only be achieved with custom-made shoes.


Tips3. "Do not put dark stitches on light-colored leather.

This is a point I pay special attention to when introducing custom-made shoes. Adding colored stitches increases originality, but depending on the color, the color may often "look" different from what you imagine due to the illusion of contrast. For example, take a look at #10RED stitched on white and #10 stitched on black.

As you can see, the red naturally shows on the black, but the red stitches placed on the white look darker than the actual color. This is a phenomenon that occurs when the thin red color sinks into the contrast with the white, and is a point to be especially careful about when ordering shoes. Other light colors, such as ivory and taupe, tend to cause the same problem.

Such phenomena can also be confirmed on the configurator, so if you are concerned, check the colors beforehand.

Tips4. "Be bold and play with shoelace colors

Shoelaces (shoelaces) play an unexpected supporting role in custom-made shoes. Since they can be obtained later as replacement parts, we recommend that you choose colors that are not available in the lineup when making custom-made shoes. Of course, the same color as the body color you have chosen is the most popular color, but you can also choose a bright color such as red or orange. Incidentally, we have added a gray cord to the Idea Corsa series from this time.
It is an easy-to-use color, so we especially recommend it when ordering.

 The stitching cannot be changed once the order is placed, but the string can be changed later. 


Tips5: "If you are not sure about the size, don't hesitate to consult with a customer service representative.

Size selection is the riskiest part of ordering.If you already own a pair of Negroni shoes, it is possible to get a similar result by using your existing size as a reference, but you still need to be careful when making your first pair of Negroni shoes to order. Negroni custom-made shoes areA program for those who have width and instep problemsfor those who are concerned about the width or instep. If you have any concerns about your feet, please feel free to contact our customer service at the bottom of the site. Also, if you would like to place an order during the holidays, please contact us atPlease select ASK and place your order, and we can discuss your size with our staff later.


These are the five points I have written about in my own way. I understand that some of you may be anxious about whether the shoes you selected on the configurator can actually be made interesting, but I hope you will take this opportunity to enjoy your order by referring to the 5 tips.

Good bye.Best Customization Weekend Ever!Have a great customization weekend!