Next-generation material "Checker Steel Leather

Next-generation material "Checker Steel Leather

Checkersteel leather is used for the first time in the Idea Corsa configurator, which was implemented for the first time in this update. It is characterized by a dull metal pattern that resembles checkered steel. This leather is primarily suited for trim components. Like carbon leather, it is water-repellent and scratch-resistant, making it ideal for heel and toe components that are prone to scratching.


The material has a cool, metallic appeal, but it also has the suppleness of real leather. Split leather from Italy's Viera, renowned as the capital of fabrics, also allows for a deeply uneven industrial expression by precisely crimping a thin top film onto the buffed, double-shouldered surface.


It is thus a perfect match for vivid Tuscan suede, and we also recommend combining it with contrasting colors and materials.

And if you want to enjoy color stitching with the configurator, we recommend using light gray tones and primary colors such as red, orange, and yellow. On the other hand, be careful not to apply stitches in darker colors such as black or green, as they will look blackish.

The configurator reproduces colors very close to the real thing.
Why not first enjoy a thorough color simulation here and then find the best coloring?

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