Point Up Campaign Information-FESTIVE WEEKS 2021-.

Point Up Campaign Information-FESTIVE WEEKS 2021-.

Festive Weeks Limited Time Point Increase Campaign

Normally, 7% of the purchase price is returned as points, but during the Festive Week, 10% of the purchase price will be returned as points.
Please note that there are a few things to keep in mind when using points. Please check below.

-Points to keep in mind

To use points, you must register as a member andaccount activation is required to redeem points.If you have already done so, please sign in and check the number of points you have on your My Page. If you are already a member, please sign in to My Page to see how many points you have.

Click here to go to the login page (if you have already registered).
Click here if you are a new registrant.

All items in the WEBSTORE are eligible for point increase.
Points will be awarded one day after the product is shipped. Please note that the points will not be awarded immediately after the purchase.