THE Festive weeks  - Winter Holiday - 最新情報(1月1日更新)

THE Festive weeks - Winter Holiday - Latest news (updated 26 Dec)

Thank you for visiting the NEGRONI Web Store.

The Festive weeks - Winter Holiday - webstore event started on 21 December.
The event will run until 23:59 on 9 January 2023 (Monday) and consists of three parts: Christmas, New Year's Eve and New Year'. Each has different event content with different target products and projects.

As product prices will be revised from 1 February 2023, this will be the last event with the current prices. Please don't miss out on this opportunity.

 THE Festive weeks - Winter Holiday

- Week 3 "New Year" - Table of Contents

◇Period: From today to 31 Dec (Sat) 23:59
◆Online exhibition
・NEW KINGSTON special price order start.
・New colours of 'Idea' special price order start.
◆MARKDOWN C selection items up to 30% off.
◆NEGRONI Lucky Bag Limited quantity
◆THE Festive Weeks "NEGRONI New Year's lottery" project held.
◆NEGRONI original key holder present

THE Festive weeks - Winter Holiday -.

-Week 3 "New Year" -.

Event period

Period: Sunday 1 - Monday 9 January 23:59

Venue: Special page in the NEGRONI web store


◆Online exhibition

The new "KINGSTON" will be available for order at a special price. 

The latest colours of the "Idea" collection are also available.

◆MARKDOWN C selection items up to 30% off

During the event, selected models and colours will be available for purchase at up to 30% off. Driving shoe sizes may run out of stock during the event period. In that case, you can order from the 'ORDER' in the size section. Please note that orders placed via ORDER or ASK may take longer to be delivered. Please understand this in advance.


◆[Limited quantity] NEGRONI Lucky "FUKU" Bag

New Year's NEGRONI LUCKY FUKU BAG: after size purchase at ASK, you will be asked for your size and colour after 5 January. This year we have 4 types available again: A, B, C and D. The quantity is limited and will inevitably sell out early. If you are interested, please purchase as soon as possible.


◆Festive Week "NEGRONI New Year's lottery" project

For the first time, we have decided to hold a Festive Week "New Year's Lottery" project.
"Customers whose order numbers correspond to the winning numbers, which will be announced at a later date, will receive Negroni original leather goods as a present from among the order numbers of customers who purchased during Festive Week.

First prize (winning number is the last two digits of the order number)

Original leather shoe horn L (photo left)
Colour: Cornish grey
Shoehorn length: 25.5cm

Second prize (winning number is the last two digits of your order number)

Original leather shoe horn M (photo right)
Colour: Cornish grey
Length of shoehorn: 20.5 cm

Third prize (winning number: last digit of order number)
Negroni original leather coaster
Please note that you cannot choose the colour. Please note that the colour cannot be selected.

The winning numbers of the New Year's lottery will be announced in our online store within a few days after the event. Winners will be notified by email. 

◆NEGRONI original key holder gift

Customers who make a total purchase of 11,000 yen (including tax) or more will receive a NEGRONI original key ring as a present.
Please note that you cannot choose the colour. Please understand beforehand.

Other notes about the event.

The selection of items in each of the three FESTIVE WEEK periods differs. Please note that once each period has ended, the products will return to their regular price or will no longer be available for purchase as discontinued products.

The event selection items and packaged products are not eligible for points, but you can still use your points.

If you wish to order a size that is not in stock, you can order it at a discounted price by clicking on the 'ORDER' button. Please note that it takes a long time to produce. Please be aware of this in advance.

Products in sizes without an 'ORDER' and 'ASK' button are only available while stocks last, as the material supply has ended. New items cannot be made.

The contents and dates of this announcement are subject to change without notice. Please be aware of this beforehand.

The latest information on events will be updated as necessary.