Redemption of points and coupons during the event (updated August 24) <br>-FESTIVE WEEKS 2021-

About the use of points and coupons during the event (updated August 24, 2012)

Thank you for visiting the Negroni Web Store.

We would like to inform you about the use of points and coupon codes during the event period in our web store.

About the use of points
Point discounts cannot be used in conjunction with discounts on products that are eligible for discounts during the event period. However, point discounts can be used for the purchase of non-discounted items during the event period. The discount can be used for purchases made at the same time as the discounted items.

Please click here to see the products eligible for the discount.
◆Selection items up to 30% off -The Second half-.
Leather goods 50% OFF
Factory Outlet

About Point Up Campaign
During the event, 10% points of the purchase price will be returned for all items. (Normally, 7% points will be returned.)

About coupon redemption
Coupon codes issued for All Sole Collector's Packages, etc. cannot be used for all products during the event period.

Please be aware of the above points and coupon usage and continue to enjoy Festive Week 2021.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Negroni Customer Service by phone or email.

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tel : 03-3801-8591