On the occasion of the 11th Carrozzeria Negroni

On the occasion of the 11th Carrozzeria Negroni

Thank you for visiting the Negroni brand website.

My name is Miyabe, Brand Director of Negroni.
Today, about two months after the renewal of the new site, we held our first major web event
We are pleased to hold the "11th Carrozzeria Negroni Online". I would like to express my deepest gratitude to everyone for your continued patronage.

Originally, the attraction of "Carrozzeria Negroni" was to open the factory and invite everyone to come directly to the real event, but unfortunately we had to cancel the event twice since last summer due to the new coronavirus since last January.

While the serious situation has been lingering since the beginning of this year, we have received numerous requests from many customers who look forward to the event every time, and we have been working on a plan to somehow recreate the Carrozzeria online.

The past few weeks have been a series of explorations for the first major event on the new site, but we have been able to take full advantage of the new features of the new store, including the new "Configurator" function, the "Carrozzeria Plan" discount service for bulk purchases, the "Factory Outlet", and "gift plans" for customers who purchase items from us. We believe that the event was organized to take full advantage of the new store's features.

The Idea Corsa "Configurator" is a puzzle-like design of a pair of shoes, created by overlapping disparate layers of images. Creating more than a hundred layered images was a very difficult task, but perhaps the most difficult part was to resist the urge to play with them while creating them. I feel that the system is really fun to play with, even for me. If you haven't tried it yet, please give it a try. This time, we have developed two types of Idea Corsa, smooth leather and suede, but we plan to gradually increase the number of compatible models in the future.

The "Factory Outlet," which is one of the event's specialties, had about 80 items on display this time. When we produce products at the Negroni Factory on a daily basis, there are inevitably some products that cannot be released to the market due to leather damage, wrong orders, and so on. This is an unavoidable problem for a brand that handles leather. As a matter of fact, during the preparation for today's event, there was a case of damage to products caused by heat from the machine at the factory. All items on display at this event are clearly and honestly described in detail as to "why this item became an outlet. We would be very happy if you could use the outlet items after being convinced of the story.
However, the Outlet page is already in a lonely state due to the unexpected success of the event, with more than half of the items sold within a few hours of the start of the event. We apologize to all those who came late to the store looking forward to the outlet.... All of us at the store management staff had not imagined a situation in which they would disappear so quickly, and we will be deeply considering what to do with the remaining week.

The Negroni web store is designed, planned, and organized by the entire factory staff, so this event, the 11th Carrozzeria Negroni Online, is also a very handmade event.
We would be happy if you could feel the "Carrozzeria mood" as much as possible when you visit our site. Although this site is still in its infancy, we hope that you will continue to patronize Negroni and the official Negroni website.


Brand Director / Designer

Shuhei Miyabe