Ginza Mitsukoshi × NISSAN CROSSING × NEGRONI collaboration event "GINZA ALLRIGHT"

Ginza Mitsukoshi × NISSAN CROSSING × NEGRONI collaboration event "GINZA ALLRIGHT"

NEGRONI will hold its first joint special project "GINZA ALLRIGHT" with NISSAN CROSSING and Ginza Mitsukoshi, the centre of "Nissan Intelligent Mobility" from 1st to 30th of September 2022.
The theme is "Ourai"/"Allright". In kanji, it means "coming and going," but there is a Japanese katakana English word with the same pronunciation but a different meaning, derived from the word "Alright". This word is mainly used when a car driver puts the car into reverse gear and someone tells him that there is no problem in the rear. This word is also one that has very interesting connotations in Japan.
This event will be completed by the traffic of people and cars, as well as the traffic between NISSAN CROSSING and Ginza Mitsukoshi.

For the first time ever for NEGRONI, the dream co-starring with the new NISSAN Z has finally come true.
At NISSAN CROSSING in Ginza, we will exhibit a collaboration model of NISSAN Z × NEGRONI, which embodies the world view of the "New NISSAN Z" that combines tradition and the latest technology, along with the new NISSAN Z Version ST (Ikazuchi Yellow). Also, at Ginza Mitsukoshi across from NISSAN CROSSING, we have started selling collaboration models. Through the fitting experience, you can experience the unique fit of the collaboration model.

Along with the new NISSAN Z, which is on display for a limited time, and the latest Nissan Intelligent Mobility, please enjoy a special experience that can only be experienced here.

GINZA ALLRIGHT event summary

Event (1) NISSAN Z × NEGRONI DRIVING SHOES  Ginza Mitsukoshi Fitting Experience Campaign 

〈Appllicable products〉
Collaboration Models (4 colours)

Event Date

Thursday 1st to Friday 30th of SEPTEMBER 2022.

The NISSAN Z x NEGRONI collaboration model will be on sale at the “Ginza Mitsukoshi 5F mens' shoes area” from September 1st. We will be holding "fitting experience campaign" until September 30th as an exclusive opening event, and will be giving away NEGRONI leather coaster to the first 50 customers with the "GIVEAWAY EXCHANGE TICKET" distributed at the NISSAN CROSSING counter located on the 1F, and for those try on any of the NISSAN Z collaboration models at Ginza Mitsukoshi. Try on and experience the superbly outstanding comfort of NEGRONI DRIVING SHOES, worn by the test drivers and designers those who actually worked on the NISSAN GT-R and the NISSAN Z for many years!

【Promotional Giveaway】
NEGRONI leather coaster

First 50 customers

※ The Giveaway promotion is for customers who try on the 4 specified "NEGRONI x NISSAN Z" colours.
※ The preferred colour may not be available depending on the stock.
※ First-come, first-served for the colours of the coasters.

Event (2) Drinks ticket giveaway at CROSSING CAFE for the first 50 customers who purchased NEGRONI DRIVING SHOES items at Ginza Mitsukoshi

Applicable products

Event Date
Thursday 1st to Friday 30th of SEPTEMBER 2022.

The first 50 NEGRONI DRIVING SHOES customers at the Ginza Mitsukoshi 5F mens' shoes area will be gifted with a drinks ticket at CROSSING CAFE for the duration of the event until Friday 30th of September  2022. You will be able to enjoy whatever drink you would like at CROSSING CAFE, with your chosen picture printed onto a drink with the latest state-of-the-art MACCHI-ART.

Enjoy and experience the special occasion with the new Nissan Fairlady Z that is on display for this limited time only and Nissan's latest intelligent mobility that can only be experienced here!