• SPEARHEAD Titanium White & Orange
  • SPEARHEAD Titanium White & Orange
  • SPEARHEAD Titanium White & Orange


Titanium White & Orange

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Origin of design and design concept

SPEARHEAD is the latest work of negroni designed as a modern low top driving shoe. It features a large side guard and heel counter that extends radially from the vamp, and an eyelet line that has pushed to the toe. The tag tab with the shape of the yaw shape is derived from the title.

Titanium white package

Titanium white of Negroni's latest tech leather DERBY is adopted for this work. Custom-made by Negroni at the leather factory in Viella, Italy, this leather has "strong water repellency", "scratch resistance" and "stain resistance" due to the white protective film that is firmly bonded to the surface. It also has a function that greatly changes the concept of conventional white leather. Light stains can be easily wiped off with a damp cloth or alcoholic wet tissue, and stains that have entered the grain and are difficult to remove can be brushed with a metal brush. It is also possible to do. It is no exaggeration to say that this DERBY is exactly what leather should be in the future. And the heel part, which can be said to be a feature of the spear head, uses two types of leather with a refreshing contrast color. The mountain-shaped heel top is engraved with the new Negroni logo.

Fit concept

It is no exaggeration to say that the comfort of the SPEARHEAD is the highest point of comfort that Negroni is ideal for at the moment. The flexibility of the entire upper, heel grip, and foot comfort that you can feel immediately after wearing it can be said to be the fit unique to the spear head with the highest rigidity. This work uses an original wooden GRS that captures the movement of the leg muscles in three dimensions. The toe shape gives a slim impression at first glance due to the flesh of the S-shaped structure from the toes to the instep, but by having a solid thickness in the vertical direction of the wooden pattern, a comfortable fit that does not make you feel the width and tightness of the instep. It is finished in a feeling. This comfort gives you a good balance that allows you to drive freely in any hard driving situation. In addition, the latest cushioning material with excellent diffusion absorption and moisture release using irregular cross-section yarn enables comfortable temperature control that does not get hot at high temperatures and does not get cold at cold temperatures. It is possible to reduce the humidity during long-term driving and to reduce the sudden temperature change in the shoe caused by the thinness peculiar to the driving sole.


Upper: Derby (cowhide, split leather)


Lining: Coolgrand (Polyester)

Insole: Leather & EVA (cowhide / EVA)


Sole: Driving rubber sole neutral (synthetic rubber)



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