• Spearhead Pebble Grey & Checker steel
  • Spearhead Pebble Grey & Checker steel
  • Spearhead Pebble Grey & Checker steel
  • Spearhead Pebble Grey & Checker steel


Wet Track Calf
Pebble grey & Checker steel

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Origin of design and design concept

Spearhead is the latest work of negroni designed as a modern low top driving shoe. It features a large side guard and heel counter that extends radially from the vamp, and an eyelet line that has pushed to the toe. The tag tab with the shape of the yaw shape is derived from the title.

Wet track calf series

This product is a wet track calf with soft smooth feeling and water repellency. It is finished by negroni burnishing cream finish to be a dress sneaker that can be taken in daily life style. In this summer exhibition, the spear head motif of heel is arranged to enjoy the contrast with different materials. The new peanut grease is a mechanical checker Steele leather and expresses a more refreshing texture. Moreover, the new negroni logo is marked on the characteristic mountain type heel top.

Fit concept

It is no exaggeration to say that the comfort of the spear head is the highest achievement of negroni's ideal comfort. You can feel immediately after wearing, the grip of heel, the heel grip, and the comfort of the foot can be said to be the fit feeling with the highest stiffness with the spear head. In this work, original wood type GRS is used to grasp the motion of the leg muscles. From the toe to the top, the shape of the shape of the shape of the stem is a toe shape that feels a slim impression, but it is finished with a comfortable fit that does not feel the width of the width of the wood and the thickness of the shape of the wood firmly. You can feel the balance of balance that enables you to operate freely in every hard driving phase. In addition, it is difficult to heat at a high temperature by using the latest crushing material excellent in diffusive absorption and release moisture by using the cross section thread, and it is difficult to become hot at a high temperature, and it is possible to adjust the temperature which is difficult to become cold when it is cold. It is possible to reduce the temperature change in the shoes caused by the reduction of the humidity during driving for a long time and the characteristic of the dry sole.


Upper: Wet track leather (cowhide, water repellent finish)


Lining: Motorhide Vintage (cowhide)

Insole: Leather heel step (cowhide / EVA)


Sole: Driving rubber sole (synthetic rubber)


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