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Coronil Carbon Pro


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Carbon Pro is a very revolutionary waterproof spray developed by researchers at Coronil, Germany. By studying the characteristics of carbon fiber and applying a mesh-like protective film to the object, it develops a strong water-repellent effect while ensuring breathability. In addition, the protective film has elasticity and abrasion resistance, so it can be used for three-dimensional objects such as wrinkles and irregularities. The effect lasts for about a month and can be used not only for leather products but also for various products such as fabrics and high-tech materials. It is highly effective not only for shoes with material combinations such as IDEA CORSA, but also for Negroni leather products. It's a new era of all-purpose waterproof spray.

<< Recommended usage >>
1. Lightly brush the entire shoe to remove dirt and dust from the shoe.
2. Shake the spray can well and spray it on the suede surface about 20 cm apart. There is a slight spray odor, so please use it outdoors.
3. When the spray is dry enough, wipe it dry with a soft cloth for Negroni leather and lightly brush it for suede and textiles.
4. If it rains heavily, spray again after drying. In addition, we recommend monthly care to maintain the effect.



(MADE IN GERMANY Made in Germany)

Capacity: 300 ml
Precautions for use:
・ If the surface of the leather is damp, dry it before use.
・ If the distance between the leather and the spray is too close, stains may occur. Be sure to spray it evenly over the entire area with a distance of 20 cm or more.
-Because it uses a flammable solvent, be sure to use it outdoors, being careful of fire.
・ Do not use on the human body such as eyes and skin.
・ Close the cap tightly after use.
・ Store out of reach of children, avoiding high temperatures and direct sunlight.


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