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Tuscan Suede
Ink blue

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QuattroWe have all the elements we need as a driving shoe in a simple, modern design.Apper emploits a quality Tuscas-nace-eed, with a beautiful hairdo.While the style of traditional chacca boots is followed, the touch of the feet is extremely delicate.In addition to the top lines of a particular point, which has been lowered to an uninterfered level in the pedal touch, the excellent fit of the upper limbs, and the homeruns of the old chuckle boots, are excellent works that have brought new ideas into the way of the old driving shoes.
I think about Fit.
Quattro is very high in driving and in use in the use of walking and lifestyle.boast of fleshy and beautiful furTuscas Ede modelThe firm grasds the entire leg with a strong sense of stiffness, and realizes the highly stable pedal work.The texture of a suede with a hari changes gradually through the use of longevity, and changes to softness in which the movements of fingertips can be communized smoothly.In Insolor, Bucket Insole is a bucket isol with a strong fit with the stereotype of arches and heels.The smooth footwear that sucks to the feet is the perfect combination of the quality of Kuawatro best to draw the most.
Also, the shoe tree of the quatoro has been developed as a standard for the use of the E3A.Since there are enough volumes for both the breadth and the back, we have a good balance that can adapt to many Japanese footsteps.On the other hand, for design characteristics that are holed up in the back compared to other sneaker models, it is possible to feel a little bit more in the beginning of the footwear.If your feet are feeling a little bit high, please contact the customer service once.It can be relieved by order machining.For more information, please refer to the topic "Size."
"Think about driving driving."
In addition to driving driving in a typical lifestyle, technical pidal work, including three pedals, can be enjoyed without stress.It is a model with a performance capability, such as the adoption of test driving by car companies both at home and abroad.
The initial machining was made on the material.
The surface of Tuscas nano-ceramic coating is done before the shipment is shipped.This coating agent was developed independently by ceramic professionals who were mainly bodycoating cars for the Lerzschied Alcantara.on the other.After the painting, about five to six months after the painting,The hydroplectrum is sustained by the nanoceramic cornea, but the effects can gradually decrease due to the environment, temperature, and so on.After a certain period of time has passed, we recommend that you have a hydrophobic process such as a coronal carbon professional.

Upper A: Tuscan suede (cowhide / nanoceramic coating)


Upper B: CarbonSplit leather (Cowhide, water repellent, antifouling treatment)


Lining : Carbon patternLining (artificial leather)

Insoles : Negroni bucket insoles (EVA)


Sole : Driving rubber sole (synthetic rubber)



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