• IDEA CORSA Westminster Blue & Checker Steel Leather
  • IDEA CORSA Westminster Blue & Checker Steel Leather
  • IDEA CORSA Westminster Blue & Checker Steel Leather


Wet track Calf & Checker Steel Leather
Westminster Blue & Checker Steel Leather

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New color of Idea Corsa that used the new material luxury. The powerful fit to hold the entire foot is an excellent operability and comfort. Side-Vamp has newly reborn soft-type wet truck calf Westminster Blue. The side emblem uses a coated carbon material that is a leading carbon material. Heels and top lines, and symbolic design twin eyelets adopt the latest material and checker steel leather that is hard to get scratched or dirt, and producing powerful center lines. Vivid contrast due to luxury materials produces a sophisticated driver's style.


Idea Corsa's shoe type is developed based on 3E. Because there are enough volumes on width and A, we have excellent balance that can be fitted to many Japanese foot types. Remaked Material Wet Track Calf is also the softening of Negroni, even with its own processes while having water repellency on the surface.In addition, bucket insole with excellent arch and hook holder developed for this work improve the stiffness of the entire shoe and achieve a more sensitive steering feeling.

Of course, driving in a general lifestyle, but a wide range of scenes, such as three pedal sports driving and tough speed attacks, can be used sufficiently. The high driving performance is evaluated,Typical domestic and internationalNot only is adopted for the development standard of super sports cars, but also regularly employed in the motor sports-in-press of automotive television programs broadcast in Europe. It is also a shoe with a very recommended assessment if you want to experience a negloni driving shoes first.


Upper A: Wet Track Calf (Cowhide)

[Made in Japan]

Upper B: Steel split leather (cowhide, water repellent, antifouling processing)

[Made in Italy]

Upper C: Coated Carbon Pre-Preg (Carbon Fiber)



Lining: Silver Cushion Lining (Polyester)

Insole: Negroni bucket insole (EVA)

[Made in Japan]

Sole: Driving rubber sole (synthetic rubber)

[Made in Italy]


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