• IDEA CORSA  Titanium White & Checker Steel Leather
  • IDEA CORSA  Titanium White & Checker Steel Leather
  • IDEA CORSA  Titanium White & Checker Steel Leather


Derby & Checker Steel Leather
Titanium White & Checker Steel Leather

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New color of IDEA CORSA using luxury material. With a strong fit to hold the entire leg, you get outstanding maneuverability and comfort. DERBY titanium white is the latest leather made by negroni to tannery in Italy. The heel and top line, and the iconic design twin eyelets adopt the latest material checker Steele leather which is hard to scratch and dirt, and leads a powerful center line. The elegant contrast by the luxury material is refined and the dry breeze style is produced.


A study of fit
IDEA CORSA's shoe wood type has been developed based on 3E. Because there is enough volume in width and width, it has excellent balance which can fit many Japanese footprints. New leather derby and checker Steele leather are finished with a comfortable fit for leather made by the same manufacturing method. Also developed for this work is an insole with a hold hold of the arch and heel to improve the stiffness of the overall shoe and realize a more sensitive maneuvering sense.

Consideration of driving
Not only driving in a general lifestyle, but also available in a wide range of scenes such as 3-pedal sports driving and tough speed attack. Its high operating performance is evaluated, Representative domestic and internationalIn addition to being adopted as a development standard for super sports cars, it is also regularly adopted as a evaluation criterion in motor sports impressions of automotive TV programs aired in Europe. It is also a shoe with a very recommended evaluation for those who want to experience Negroni's driving shoes first.


Upper A: Derby Split Leather (cowhide, water repellent, antifouling processing)

[Made in Italy]

Upper B: Steel split leather (cowhide, water repellent, antifouling processing)

[Made in Italy]

Upper C: Coated Carbon Pre- Preg (Carbon Fiber)



Lining: Silver Cushion Lining (Polyester)

Insole: Negroni bucket insole (EVA)

[Made in Japan]

Sole: Driving rubber sole (synthetic rubber)

[Made in Italy]

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