• IDEA CORSA Cornish Grey & Checker Steel Leather
  • IDEA CORSA Cornish Grey & Checker Steel Leather
  • IDEA CORSA Cornish Grey & Checker Steel Leather


Wet track Calf & Checker Steel Leather
Cornish Grey & Checker Steel Leather

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The new colour and material combination of the flagship IDEA CORSA. The entire foot is securely held, yet provides an excellent controllability and comfort. Chose the newly reborn soft wet track calf leather in Cornish Grey on the Side-Vamp. A sate-of-the-art coated carbon pre-preg is used to represent the N logo on the side. The heel and top line, as well as the iconic twin eyelets, are made from the latest scratch and dirt resistant, checker steel leather, producing the powerful centre line. The vivid contrast of these latest exotic materials creates a sophisticated driver's style. 

<Fitting and Sizing>
IDEA CORSA is developed using 3E sized last, therefore has plenty of room in terms of its width and instep, so it should be able to fit many different types of feet. The newly improved wet track calf leather is the softest leather in Negroni's line of shoes, also has water repellency characteristics on the surface. The bucket insole with excellent ability to hold the arch and heel, originally developed for this particular model, improves the rigidity of the entire shoe and realizes a more sensitive maneuvering feeling.

It can be used not only for driving in a general lifestyle, but also for a wide range of scenes such as daily sports driving to proper hard driving at track days. Its high drivability is highly rated by many major super car manufacturers around the world, some even adopting it as their standard to base development on. We highly recommend starting with this model, for customers who would like to experience Negroni's driving shoes for the first time.


Upper A: Wet Track Calf (Cowhide)

[Made in Japan]

Upper B: Steel split leather (cowhide, water repellent, antifouling processing)

[Made in Italy]

Upper C: Coated Carbon Pre-Preg (Carbon Fiber)

Lining: Silver Cushion Lining (Polyester)

Insole: Negroni bucket insole (EVA)

[Made in Japan]

Sole: Driving rubber sole (synthetic rubber)

[Made in Italy]

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