Oil Suede & Wet Track Calf

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The GRAND PRIX HI-TOP (G.P. Hi) is a model inspired by Negroni's beloved motor racing style of the 60's and early 70's. For several years, we researched photographs of racing drivers' feet taken from those period, and have come up with a high-top sneaker that mixed contemporary features with the design atmosphere of the era. The oil that seeps into the surface of the suede creates a unique manly, uneven gradation effect. The lining also features our original "Motorhide Vintage" leather that ages nicely as the shoes are worn, which also creates luxurious feel. 


〈Fitting and Sizing〉

G.P.Hi's shoe last design gives slender and sharp silhouette, yet the new GRS last provides comfortable room in the toe area at the same time. The burnished suede used for the upper is flexible and soft. The leather insole is equipped with thick cushioning, providing three-dimensional arch support. You could feel the unique sensation by the structure, which lifts the entire foot without stress. The elastic rubber shoelace allows you to take on and off the shoes without undoing the shoelace. 

※ New GRS last is now used for other Negroni models such as IDEA CORSA, therefore the same sizing chart applies as from the conventional wooden last, so we would recommend to go for the same size, if you have previously purchased one of our shoes. 

※ Classic shoelace is sold separately.
Can be used for all kinds of scenes from normal daily driving to proper hard driving at track days.
〈Initial processing applied to the material〉
The surface of the oil suede is coated with water-repellent nano-ceramic coating prior to shipment. This coating was originally developed for Alcantara lether seats by Ceramic Pro Co., Ltd. Normally, the water repellency should last for around 5-6 months, depending on the environment and temperature the shoes are exposed to. We recommend using water repellent coating after certain period of use.

Upper A : Oil Burnish Suede

(Cowhide and nano ceramic coating)


Upper B: Wet Track Calf (cowhide, water repellent)



Lining : Motorhide Vintage (Cowhide)

Insole : Leather Insole (Cowhide / EVA)


Sole : Driving Rubber Sole (Synthetic Rubber)


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