• Grand Prix High Top Black & Black Oxide
  • Grand Prix High Top Black & Black Oxide
  • Grand Prix High Top Black & Black Oxide
  • Grand Prix High Top Black & Black Oxide

Grand Prix High Top

Cordura Fabric ®︎
Black & Black Okyside

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The GRAND PRIX HI-TOP/ Grand Prix High Top is a model influenced by negroni's beloved racing style of the 60s and early 70s. For several years, we researched photographs of racers' feet taken from 60's to 70's at old bookstores, old photo shops, flea markets, etc. in the UK, and finished them in high-top sneakers that mixed contemporary features with the design mood of the time. The upper is a lightweight, tough, high water-repellent cordura fabric ® and a contrasting water-repellent wet track calf. It is attractive for its durable and versatile comfort regardless of the weather. The lining also features an aging motorhide vintage for a more luxurious fit. Please enjoy the world view of classic motor sports expressed by Negroni.


〈Consideration of fit〉

G.P.Hi's last design is slender and sharp silhouette,Yingki-type GRS characterized by a firm and thick comfort on the toesAdopted. The cordura fabric used for the upper ® is firm and firm around the foot. The leather insole used for G.P.Hi is equipped with a thick cushion material designed for three-dimensional arch support. You can feel a unique foot feel by the structure that lifts the entire foot without stress. And you can put it on and off without removing the shoelacesRubber ShoeLaceIs designed to be easy to access, reducing the hassle of attaching and detaching high-top sneakers. Because the elasticity is not strong, it takes a little time to familiar wear, but every time you wear it, the wet track calf, midsole, and insole will remember the shape of the foot and finish it to a very well-balanced rigidity feeling.

※ Yingki-type GRS is including IDEA CORSASame size chart as conventional wooden moldsI have designed in. The fit is slightly different, but we recommend the same size first. If the size is different, please do not hesitate to tell us that we also accept replacement.

Classic ShoelaceWill be sold separately.

〈Consideration of driving〉
Not only driving in a general lifestyle, but also available in a wide range of scenes such as 3-pedal sports driving and tough speed attack.

Upper A : Cordura fabric ®︎(Nylon and water-repellent coating)

Upper B: Wet track calf (cowhide, water repellent)




Lining : Motorhide Vintage (Cowhide)

Insole : Leather Insole (Cowhide / EVA)


Sole : Driving Rubber Sole (Synthetic Rubber)



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