• Grand Prix High Top Fuji Ignition Red × Carbon Fiber
  • Grand Prix High Top Fuji Ignition Red × Carbon Fiber
  • Grand Prix High Top Fuji Ignition Red × Carbon Fiber
  • Grand Prix High Top Fuji Ignition Red × Carbon Fiber

Grand Prix High Top

Toscana Suede & Wet track Calf
Dark Navy

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Negronon × Fuji Speedway Collaboration Model
※ This product is an orderly-ordered product. About 2 months to delivery.
Grand Prix High Top Fuji (g.p.hi Fuji) is a collaboration model that boldly incorporates Fuji Speedway's courses layout on a sidebump based on the Grand Prix high top in the 60's Racing Shoes Design. Many iconic cornering lines are represented by leather piping. It is finished in a contemporary and speed-fed atmosphere.

"Ignit Red × Carbon Fiber", which will be held simultaneously with the final match of the SUPER GT final game, is a new color that attracts passionate coloring. Using a tuscan's oil-producing tuscan with a dull color color, we express the racing spirit to stay in the circuit by contrast with matte carbon fibers. The wood type adopts a new GRS last that sterically fits the entire foot with a S-shaped curve structure. As well as daily driving, you can experience sport driving with tension. Also, the unique developed bucket insole realizes a three-dimensional heel & arch hold, and is a smooth comfortable smooth and easy to adopt in a daily lifestyle scene.

G. P. HI's last design is subject to a soft and merishable silhouette, and a new wood type GRS characterized by a comfortable feel with a thickness with a thickness. The structure that makes the entire foot three-dimensionally fit in a S-shaped curve structure allows you to experience a sported sport driving as well as a sense of tension. The Bernesh Eede used for the upper is flexible and slightly flexible by the properties contained by oil.

Of course, driving in a general lifestyle, but a wide range of scenes, such as three pedal sports driving and tough speed attacks, can be used sufficiently. In addition, by the contrast design of the matte coated carbon fiber and the oil spread, the movement of the foot during pedal operation can be smoothly performed.

Oil Barnisse-Eeded surface is subjected to water repellent nanoceramic coating process before shipment. This coating mainly develops a Ceramic Pro, which carries a car body coating, is unique for Leather Sheet Alcantara. About 5-6 months after application The water repellency by the nanoceramic film is sustained, but the effect is gradually reduced due to the environment and temperature. After a certain period of time has elapsed, we recommend water repellent processing such as Colonyl carbon pro.
※ The real product is the final match of the SUPER GT final match, and from Saturday, November 27, the restaurant & goods shop "CLANE BOX" (CLANE GARDEN) and the grand stand side Fuji Speedway special goods shop You can see. Please take a look at the latest work of a special collaboration model.
Grand Prix Hi-Top Fuji (Grand Prix High Top Fuji)
New Color Ignition Red & Carbon Fiber (Ignit Red & Carbon Fiber) ¥ 55,000 (tax included · shipping included)


Upper A: Toscana Suede

(Cowhide and nano ceramic coating)

[Made in Italy]

Upper B: Wet Track Calf (Cowhide and Water Repellent)

[Made in Japan]


Lining: Motor Hyde Vintage (Cowhide)

Insole: Leather Insole (Cowhide / EVA)

[Made in Japan]

Sole: Driving rubber sole (synthetic rubber)

[Made in Italy]

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