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Smoking calf
Brighton Blue

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Fiorano is a model modified with traditional double monk strap shoes as driving shoes.By hanging a shaved duralumin hook on the rear belt buckle attached to the monk strap, you can enjoy two types of comfort.The upper uses a smoking calf with a very smooth foot touch. The smokey unevenness that appears by puffing on the white wax soaked in leather creates an emotional expression. It is a versatile model that blends into various lifestyles and functions very well as a driving shoe.

〈Consideration of fit and driving〉

1. Relax mode when off the hook
Easy take off like slip-on is possible. In addition to the general double monk strap, the buckle is not fixed to the main body, so it is possible to use it without discomfort even in the style that remains removed. The smoking calf used for the upper is one of the softest leathers in Negroni's leather lineup. Slightly loose when walkingit is a fit, but by the design around the instep that is set deeplyYou can feel relaxed and soft. Of course, even if you remove the hook, you can enjoy easy driving.
2. Drive mode when hooked
Once hooked, the kakato is firmly fixed, so you can enjoy a free pedal feel without feeling the gap between shoes and body sensation.The insole adopts a bucket insole that increases the fit by the three-dimensional shape of the arch and heel. The very high rigidity allows you to gain a high level of immersion when driving not only in general lifestyle driving, but also in technical pedal work such as 3 pedals and speed attack. It boasts an excellent fit that is highly evaluated by automotive persons in Japan and overseas.

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