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Punching Leather & Checker Steel Leather

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<Special collaboration>
This is a special collaboration model between NEGRONI's Idea Corsa and NISSAN Z. Under the supervision of Hiroshi Tamura, who was in chief of the Nissan GT-R / NISSAN Z and other leading Nissan sports cars, this special edition embodies the mood of the NISSAN Z, from the choice of materials to the coloring and logo mark hardware design. This project was made possible by the passion of Mr. Tamura, who has been a long-time user of  Idea Corsa, and NEGRONI.

<Product information>
IDEA is Negroni's classic driving shoes. The upper has been punched into high-quality Negroni leather, which has been following special manufacturing recipes since its inception, to make it breathable and lightweight. A bucket insole is used for the collaboration model. With a strong fit that holds the entire foot, it boasts outstanding operability and comfort. The heel and top line, as well as the iconic twin eyelets, are made from checkered steel, which is resistant to scratches and dirt, creating a refreshing centerline.

<Z emblem>
The Z logo emblem, which is a symbolic design part, was commissioned by a long-established emblem store that has been in business for 108 years. In order to express the beautiful Z logo, we made adjustments of 1 mm or less for several months, and completed it through delicate work of pouring color into ultra-fine lines.

The idea of ​​Negroni leather is a fit that can be said to be the origin of the brand. The last was originally developed for the idea based on 3E. The width and instep also have enough volume, so it has an excellent balance that can fit many Japanese lasts. The punched Negroni leather used for the upper is breathable and has a soft touch.

You can enjoy driving in a general lifestyle and basic sports driving such as 3 pedals without stress. Its well-balanced operability has also been proven by pro racers with many championships.

UPPER A: Negroni Perforated Leather®︎ 
(Cowhide)〔MADE IN JAPAN〕

UPPER B: Checker Steel Leather 

(Split leather with PU Film) 〔MADE IN ITALY〕


LINNING:TUFFER Cushion Lining (Polyester)

INSOLE:  Negroni®︎ Bucket Insole (EVA)


SOLE:  Driving Rubber Sole (Synthetic Rubber)〔MADE IN ITALY〕


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