How to use

Order Procedure

1. Select the color and quantity of the product you want from the online store, and click "Add to Cart"
※ If you want to consult with the size, select "ASK: Size later consultation". We will contact you later than customer service.
※ If you would like to purchase a product (size) with no stock, select "ORDER: Produce out items out of stock" and fill in the size of your desired size in the Shopping Cart. In addition, depending on the material or size of the desired, it may not be possible. Please note.

2. Check the contents of the cart. If you continue shopping, return to the shopping page.

3. If the product you want to buy is confirmed, the delivered date and time of the Shopping Cart Page at the remarks column and other comments

4. Go to "Check out" or press PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, SHOP Pay Direct button to proceed to settlement.
PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shop Pay,Log in and enter necessary information on each pageplease.
If you are using a coupon code, Negroni point, be sure to press the check out button to proceed to the cart.Please note that the discount will not be reflected if it is settled by PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shop Pay Direct button.


5. Enter customer information (if checked out)
※ For mobile phone email addresses and web mail, automatic delivery mail may not be delivered. Please check the spam setting etc.

6. Delivery method (courier only)
※ If the total product is less than 30,000 yen (excluding tax), select the delivery company. For shipping free shipping, the delivery company will be a Urugu Sagawa Express.

7. Select payment method

8. Check your order and click "Order Complete", and then complete the procedure

9. You will receive your order confirmation email (automatic delivery). Please check your order.

10. We will send you the product sequentially as soon as it is ready to be shipped.


· When the product is put in the cart, it does not become an order confirmation. If access is concentrated until the purchase procedure is completed, it may not be purchased.

-The product displayed is the stock status of the Negroni Official Web Store. It may be different from lineup and stock conditions at the store.

· If you would like to purchase a number of inventory quantities or more, please contact us separately.

· Please note that the product published may differ slightly in color and texture.


Credit cards, PayPal, amazon pay, Apple pay, Google Pay, Shop Pay, Cash on delivery, bank transfer.

1. credit card

Credit Card Type of Credit Card: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB

※ Debit cards issued above the above credit card company can also be used.


  • The number of payments is once. If you wish to install it, please contact each credit card company after settlement on the credit card, and please change the number of payments.

  • You can not use cards other than your name.

  • As a one-way to prevent unauthorized use, he has introduced identity authentication by security code.

  • If there is a defect in credit card information, you may want to contact you from here and make a cancellation procedure.

2. PayPal

Credit card companies registered with Pay Pal are available for VISA, Master Card, American Express, JCB, Ginkgo. 

3. .Apple Pay

Credit card companies registered with Apple Pay are only available for Master Card, American Express, and JCB. For VISA cards issued in Japan, you can not use Apple Pay online payment.

4. Google Pay

Credit card companies registered in Google Pay are only available for VISA, Master Card, and American Express. It is not available for JCB.

5. .Amazon pay

You can log in and pay with your account without registering in this online shop.


· It will be settlement with a credit card that customers are registered in the Amazon account.
· About Amazon Pay Recommended BrowserAmazon Detail Page please look at.
· About information about other Amazon PayAmazon Pay Help PagePlease confirm.

6. Shop Pay

Credit card companies registered with Shop Pay are available for VISA, Master Card, American Express, and JCB.

7. Cash on delivery ( Japan Only )

Sagawa Express, you can choose from Yamato Transport.

Select the delivery company you want when you select the delivery method.

The delivery company will be delivered by Sagawa Express.


· Payment method is only cash.

· Cash on delivery fee will be generated as well as product price and shipping costs. We will pay for each delivery driver to each shipping driver.

· The amount of fee depends on the settlement amount. Detail isTopics about deliveryPlease check the price after checking.

8. Bank transfer

Please transfer to either the following transfer destination within 10 days of your order date.

Financial institution Johoku Shinkin Bank Minami Senior branch (201)

Account Number Marumitsu Co., Ltd.

Account number traveler 0619650

Financial Institution Mizuho Bank Sanno La Branch (160)

Account Number Marumitsu Co., Ltd.

Account number traveler 0103292


· Please pay attention to the transfer fee.

· If you can not confirm your deposit within 10 days from your order date, we will contact you by email or phone for confirmation. Please note.

Regarding delivery

We will deliver at Sagawa Express or Yamato Transport.

1 Sagawa Express 770 yen and Yamato Transport 880 yen per delivery. (As of January 15, 2021)
※ Shipping fee will be free if the total order product is over 30,000 yen (excluding tax).

· About date and time
You can specify the delivery date and time after 5 business days from your order date. Please specify the time zone you want from below
[In the morning, 12-14 o'clock, 14-16 o'clock, 16-18 o'clock, 18-20 o'clock, 19-21 o'clock]
※ Yamato Transport can not be specified at 12-14 o'clock.

Date and time designation notes
· Customers who purchased goods without stock, or reservation and order products can not be specified date and time. We will contact you after the schedule shipping date later from customer service.
· Depending on the area such as remote islands, depending on the area of ​​delivery time zone specification may not be attached. In addition, delivery may be delayed to meet the request of the delivered delivery time.

Domestic delivery 

· We can not change the delivery destination after shipping the product in this store. If you wish, we would like to contact the delivery company directly.
· Delay may be delayed for reasons such as shipping area, traffic, weather.
· If it is absent when delivering the product, check the "luggage number" that will be issued by the delivery company, or the "luggage number" that we will be reported by the shipping mail of our shop, and to each transportation office described in the absence vote Please contact us directly.
· If the package was returned due to long-term absence and receipt rejection, etc., the round trip shipping cost taken at that time, and the shipping fee for retransmission may be charged.

International Shipping

FedEx, DHL offers overseas delivery service. The charges differ depending on each shipping company and the delivery destination. For more information, please check the topic about delivery.

Receipt book, delivery note

Delivery note (detailed item)
· If you are delivering to your orderer, we will send you a delivery note.
· Delivery documents are not included if the orderer and the delivery destination are different. In principle, delivery of delivery books in this case is not in principle, but please contact us separately when you wish.

Normally, receipts are not included. Please fill in the remarks column "desired receipt" in the remarks column. Moth

· In the case of payment by credit card
A usage statement sent from your card company corresponds to a receipt.
· If you wish to receive a receipt of our company
Please enter "Receipt request" in the remarks column and order the address and not only the address. I enclose the order product.

· For addresses or not writes, please fill in the remarks column when ordering. If there is no specification, we will contact you by email or phone than customer service.
· We will specify the payment method such as "Credit Card Payment", such as "Credit Card Payment".
· The amount of receipts is the total of the product price + consumption tax + shipping cost, and the date will list the purchase date.

About Return Replacement

After order confirmation
Changes to order products are available only if the product is shipped.

After arrival
· In the case of size exchange
If the size of the shoes that you arrived at your hand does not match, you will be able to exchange size only for unused products. Contact customer service within 14 days. The return fee will be borne by the customer.

※ If the following cases, returns and replacement can not be accepted.
· Products used once
· If you have scratched, dirt and corruption under customers
· Product without packaging (bag, box, case)
· If it is not a product purchased at Negronoficial Web Store
· Items that have been over 15 days after arrival of goods

· In the case of returned goods due to our deficiencies
Products are sent in a perfect state, but please contact the Negronofocusive Web Store if there is a lot of product errors and products scratches, dirt and the possibility of initial failure. I will respond promptly. The reciprocating fee at that time will be borne by our company, and we will replace, repair, or return the product.

Gift Wrapping

We accept gift wrapping. If you wish, please fill in the "Wish Lapping Hope" in the Remarks column.

Customer Registration (Account)

Online stores can be purchased without customer registration.
If you register, there are the following features.

· You can easily shop
You can easily call the registered content without entering the sender and delivery destination names each time.

· You can check the order history

· You can check the order contents of past

· You can use the destination list
If you register the deliveries that are often used in advance, you can easily call it from the list when ordering.

· Member limited point service is available. Please check the following point service for details.

· Cancel account registration
Customers who wish to cancel registration should contact customer service.

About point service

Customers who have been registered (account registered) are available at the Negroni Official Web Store and Negroni Factory (Minami-Chihiro Arakawa-ku, Tokyo) at the time of shopping.

Point usage rules are as follows.

▶ ︎ ︎ Reduction factor: 7%

(Example) Buy 10,000 yen → 700pt reduction

▶ ︎ ︎ 1 pt = 1 yen available for purchase

▶ ︎ ︎ Point expiration date: Valid for one year from the final shopping date

▶ ︎ Timing of point reduction: Point assignment after product delivery completion

▶ ︎ Points to be used for: Principles, all products

▶ How to check the number of points: Sign in to your account

1. Sign in to your account.
(You can check the number of points held at My Page)

2. Since the number of holding points is displayed at the bottom right of the shopping cart, enter the number of points used this time in the box

3. Press the "Use point" button to change the subtotal to the discounted amount.

4. Press the check out button.
※ If you are using a point,Be sure to press the check out button to proceed to the resile screen.Please note that the discount will not be reflected if it is settled by PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shop Pay Direct button.

5. Check if the point is subtracted from the product price

6. Shipping method and settlement method are selected and settled completed

Please contact customer service if you have any questions or consultations on the point service.