NEGRONI is a lifestyle brand that focuses on driving shoes and leather goods. Since the brand's launch in 2000, we have created innovative driving shoes that will gasp even renowned professional drivers, journalists and prominent vehicle developers. A precise mechanism that brings the operability of the car closer to the physical sensation, and a comfortable fit that makes you forget that you are wearing it. The unique driving philosophy cultivated over many years and the technological capabilities of "MADE IN JAPAN" that the historic Negroni Factory continues to protect are unrivaled.

The elegant and emotional design reminiscent of various lifestyles continues to attract celebrities who love motor sports not only in Japan but also around the world. The source of inspiration goes beyond the proportions of modern motor design to the private style of racers of yesteryear, used racing parts, and metal fittings for vintage cars. A deep knowledge of history and materials is reflected in the details of the product, inviting you to an exciting and glamorous world of driver's style.



Passion for materials
Our deep passion for materials is reflected in the details of our products.
Many of the color variations that color the upper are leather made by carefully selected high-end tanneries such as Italy, England, and France. In addition, all Japanese leather is developed in collaboration with a long-established tanary representing Japan, based on Negroni's original recipe.
The recipe is handed down from generation to generation, and quality control is performed, and the country of origin of the raw leather, dyeing, and tanning method are carefully finished according to the specifications most suitable for the time.。

The use of industrial materials that are not available in the world of shoes, such as carbon fibre and duralumin, which strongly inspire motor sports culture, and high-quality seat leather, can be said to be a unique material expression unique to Negroni. In addition, enjoying the expressive comfort that changes depending on the model and material is also an indispensable element for enjoying our shoes.



Pursuit of quality
"Driving shoes should exist to comfortably enjoy a lifestyle with the car."

The first director, who loved motorsport for a lifetime, thought that Negroni's driving shoes should be a product with a "good balance" that blends well into everyday life while maintaining driving comfort in any environment. .. Based on that word, the technological capabilities of Negroni Factory, which has been cultivated over 50 years of shoe manufacturing history since its founding, are currently evolving under an environment specializing in the production of unique driving shoes.

The driving shoe theory devised by the first brand director spends more than twice as much time as the work used in common cemented construction methods. And everything from cutting to sewing to crimping is carefully done one by one under the control of NEGRONI specifications. In addition, test runs conducted before the launch of the product are conducted not only by designers but also by professional drivers and automobile engineers. The various innovative ideas that emerged in the process can sometimes greatly advance the technical process of the factory. The design philosophy of the first brand director continues to innovate across generations, still protected by the hands of outstanding craftsmen.



The history of Negroni begins with "Marumitsu Shoemaking", which was founded by the first Kokichi Miyabe in 1969. Approximately 20 years after the end of World War II, in Tokyo, where the shoe industry was gradually budding, he founded a small shoe factory with his son, Shuichi Miyabe, the second generation.
With the help of Kokichi, a business talent who studied accounting at the former Japanese army and Hitachi, and Shuichi, who was studying design and mechanical engineering, Marumitsu Shoemaking has incorporated a very innovative process into the shoe business since that time. That d has great success.

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After Kokichi's death in 1998, Shuichi, who loved motor sports from a young age, started branding driving shoes, which he had been thinking about for a long time. With the concept of "fusion of fashion and function," he envisioned a structure that was more versatile in lifestyle than conventional driving shoes with strong expertise, and took two years to create shoe patterns and patterns. I made.
At the same time, the development of a car that reflected the brand concept was underway. It was a long and arduous journey, with the leather seats being developed independently by the affiliated Tanary and also creating a dedicated door handle.

After the brand was founded in 2000, NEGRONI quickly spread to automobile enthusiasts in Japan with its comfort and modern design that overturns the conventional wisdom of driving shoes. The driving shoes he designed are still officially adopted by many test drivers and various Japanese automobile development organizations, and have been handed down as the founder of Japanese driving shoes.
By the way, it is said that the name of the cocktail he always liked to drink in the corner of the hotel bar when he was absorbed in the design concept of cars and shoes became the name of the brand.

Then, in 2014, the current director Shuhei Miyabe, who studied graphic design and editorial, took over after Shuichi, who died at the young age of 59, and established a new driving shoe factory in October of the same year.
He has a wide range of skills to handle not only shoewood concept design and paper design, but also advertising and web design. And his development method, which puts both function and comfort at the top of the product, is highly evaluated by automobile developers and enthusiasts. Currently, while collaborating with domestic and foreign automobile companies, the only exhibitor from Asia is recognized and recommended at the British classic race festival GoodWood Revival.

宮部 修平
Shuhei Miyabe

And the strongest commitment and inquisitiveness to materials and colors gives Negroni a high-quality and luxurious world view. If there is a material that he is interested in, he goes to domestic and overseas production areas himself, and sometimes mentions the manufacturing method and raw materials to create his own material. He is sometimes called "MATERIAL FETISH".Negroni continues to innovate while adhering to the solid technology and brand founder's philosophy cultivated in the shoe industry that has continued since 1969.