Terms and Conditions

The NEGRONI OFFICIAL WEB STORE is operated by "Marumitsu Co., Ltd." (hereinafter "The Company"). When using the store site operated by the Company (hereinafter "This Site"), please read these Terms of Use carefully, understand and accept the contents, and use it.
Please note that this site may change these Terms of Use without prior notice, and the revised Terms of Use will apply after the change.

What's in the service?

1. This service means the sale of products, etc. handled on this site and various services.
2. Users of the Service shall be subject to the Terms of Use.
3. Our store shall fulfill its obligations to the user by delivering products, etc. to the destination designated by the user, and by sending a notification to the e-mail address registered by the user if there is a duty to notify.

Suspension of service and cancellation of registration information

If the user falls under any of the following, the Site may suspend the provision of the Service or cancel the registration information without prior notice or consent. In addition, this site shall not be liable for any damage caused to users or third parties due to the above-mentioned measures taken by this site.

1. In the event of a violation of these Terms of Use or other provisions established by this site
2. If it is found that there was a falsehood in the registered content
3. When an ID and password are used illegally, or when a third party uses it illegally
4. If it is found that you have been suspended from providing the Service or deleted your registration information in the past
5. When there is a delay in the performance of payment obligations for fees related to the Service, such as the price of goods, or other defaults
6. If you are d't be in contact with you by e-mail, telephone, or other means of communication
7. In addition, when this site is judged to be inappropriate


The following acts are prohibited when using this service.
1. Acts that violate these Terms of Use and the precautions described on this site
2. Acts that damage or may damage the rights, interests, honor, etc. of a third party or this site
3. Acts that violate public order and morals, other acts that violate laws and regulations, or acts that are likely to do so
4. Acts of applying for false content when using this service
5. Acts of using information and products provided by this site for resale or commercial purposes, or acts for the purpose of preparing for such use
6. Acts of using harmful programs or for the purpose of preparing for them
7. Acts of unauthorized access to or preparation of servers or other computers on this site
8. Acts of unauthorized use of IDs, passwords, or other personal information, etc.
9. Other acts that this site deems inappropriate

Manage IDs and passwords

1. You are responsible for the management and use of your ID and password.
2. Ids and passwords cannot be transferred, renamed or lent.
3. If it is found that the ID and password have been illegally used by a third party, it shall be immediately reported to this site and follow the instructions of this site.
4. The user shall be responsible for any damage such as the use of ID and password by a third party due to the user's negligence, and our store shall not be liable at all.
5. This article applies only if this site issues an ID to the user.

Protecting personal information

1. This site shall use personal information about users within the scope of the purpose of use such as operation of this service, transaction of products, etc., collection of prices, sending promotional materials, etc. However, this does not include statistical information that cannot identify an individual.
2. This site complies with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and strives to protect personal information provided by users.
3. This site shall entrust personal information in order to smoothly perform business.


1. This site does not guarantee the completeness, accuracy, certainty, or usefulness of the information, etc. provided by this service.
2. This site shall not be liable for any damage, loss, profit, etc. caused to the user other than as stipulated in paragraph 3 of "Contents of the Service".
3. This site shall not be liable for any damages, losses, or benefits caused by the inays of the Service.
4. This site shall be indemnity by paperwork in accordance with the contents registered by the user.
5. In the event of damage, loss, or inconvenience to a third party due to the user's use of the Service, the user shall resolve it at his/her own responsibility and burden, and shall not cause any inconvenience to this site.

About copyright

The copyright of all data, designs, images, characters, and other content described on this site belongs to this site or legitimate author such as the original author. The use of these contents beyond the scope stipulated in copyrights, trademark rights, and other intellectual property rights without the permission of the right holder is prohibited.


This site may be changed, discontinued, suspended, or terminated in part or all of the Site and the Service without prior notice and consent to the User, regardless of the reason.

Governing Law

The governing law governing the establishment and effect of these Terms of Use shall be the laws of Japan.