How to use

Please select the quantity and size.

Select the quantity of the item and press the cart icon of the desired size.

(○) → This item is in stock. Delivery is possible as soon as the product is secured.
(△) → It is a made-to-order product. It will be made with a delivery time of about 1.5 to 2 months. Here you can fine-tune the size, such as worries about width and instep.

Please proceed to the purchase procedure.

Check the product and price on the shopping cart screen and click the "Proceed to purchase procedure" button.

Please enter the purchaser information.

Please enter the information required for shopping such as "name", "address", "phone number" and "email address". You can buy our cart with confidence because your personal information is encrypted with Symantec's "SSL".

Please choose a payment method.

Select your preferred payment method and click the "Next" button.

Questions about size and delivery, confirmation of order details

Please check your order details. Please check the items to be checked for the desired delivery date and size, and if there are no mistakes, click the "Order with this content" button.
This completes your order. The NEGRONI office will contact you shortly if you would like to discuss the size.
Thank you for your order.

payment method

You can choose the payment method from credit card payment, convenience store payment (number terminal type), cash on delivery, bank transfer (bank ATM), and online banking payment.

■ Credit card payment
You can make payments using various credit cards.
(Available credit cards)
VISA, MASTER, JCB, American Express and DINERS are available.

・ There is no settlement fee.
・ Split and revolving payments are also available.
・ The price will be automatically deducted from the specified account based on the membership agreement of each card company.
・ Your card information is encrypted by the SSL security system and sent. Please use with confidence.
・ When paying by credit card, you need to enter the security code.

* The contract may not be concluded due to the screening standards of the credit card company. Please note.

■ Convenience store payment (number terminal type)
With convenience store payment, you can pay at convenience stores nationwide or directly at the cash register (no fees).
Since this payment is made before shipping the product (prepayment), the product will be shipped after payment is confirmed.

(Available convenience stores)
Seven-Eleven, Lawson, FamilyMart, Circle K, Sunkus, Daily Yamazaki, Ministop, Seicomart

・ If payment is not confirmed within 7 days of ordering, the order will be automatically cancelled. Also, please note that if the same cancellation continues, the usage may be restricted.
・ If the order amount is 300,000 yen or more, convenience store payment cannot be used.

[How to use]
After completing the order procedure, we will inform you of the "payment number" at the selected convenience store on the "Order Complete" screen and the order confirmation email.
(Different at each convenience store).
Please bring a memo of the "payment number" to the convenience store where you wish to pay at the convenience store and complete the payment procedure.
The payment method differs depending on the convenience store.

■ Bank transfer (bank ATM)
Please transfer to one of the following transfer destinations within 10 days from the date of order.

Financial institution Johoku Shinkin Bank Minamisenju Branch (201)
Account name Marumitsu Co., Ltd.
Account number for the time being 0619650

Financial institution Mizuho Bank Minowa Branch (160)
Account name Marumitsu Co., Ltd.
Account number for the time being 0103292

・ It will be shipped after confirming the transfer.
・ The bank transfer fee will be borne by the customer.
・ Please note that it may take a few days to confirm the transfer.
(Smooth shipping is possible if you contact us once after making the transfer)
・ If payment cannot be confirmed within 10 days of ordering, it will be treated as cancellation.

■ Internet banking payment
With bank online payment, you can make instant payments from your deposit account using the Internet banking of banks, online banks, and other financial institutions nationwide.
* It is necessary to have an online banking contract with each financial institution in advance.

About delivery

For shipping within Japan, we use Yamato Transport or Sagawa Kyubin.

The shipping fee is 700 yen (excluding tax) nationwide.
Free shipping is available for purchases over ¥ 30,000 (tax excluded).

・ (○) → If you have purchased an in-stock item, you can specify the delivery date and time after 5 business days from the date of order.
・ (▲) → Customers who purchase custom-made products will be notified separately to confirm the delivery date and time.
・ If you select cash on delivery (coming soon) as the payment method, a cash on delivery fee will be charged separately from the above.
・ The delivery address cannot be changed after shipping. Please note that.
・ Depending on the area such as a remote island, it may not be possible to specify the date and time.
・ It may be delayed due to delivery area, traffic, weather, etc. Please note that.

Specify delivery time
At our shop, we offer a delivery time designation service at the time of ordering at your convenience.
Depending on the region, we may not be able to meet your request to specify the delivery time zone.
In addition, delivery may be delayed in order to meet your desired delivery time.
If you want the shortest delivery, please select "Not specified" when selecting the delivery date and time.

About overseas shipping
We also accept international delivery by EMS. Since the conditions are different from shipping within Japan,
Please check "INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING" on the upper left of the site.

Point usage guide

The following points will be issued at the time of purchase.

Point return rate by payment

Payment Method Reduction rate
Credit card payment 5%
Convenience store (number terminal type), bank ATM, online banking payment 5%
Cash on delivery 5%
Bank transfer 5%

Point issuance rules

Point issuance / use target Total order amount (tax included) including shipping and handling
Treatment after the decimal point Truncate
expiration date 12 months
Issuance target when using points Issued for the balance after using points

About returns and exchanges

■ The product is shipped in perfect condition, but if it is defective, please contact the NEGRONI office (03-3801-8591) within 14 days.
We will exchange, repair, or return the product.

・ Please note that we cannot accept returns due to customer's convenience.
・ Customers who are concerned about the size of their feet and shoes, such as the width and balance of the instep, must contact NEGRONI Customer Service by email or phone "before purchasing".
Please contact us. Experienced staff involved in the manufacture of NEGRONI will carefully propose and guide you to the appropriate size for you.
・ If the size of the item you received does not match, please contact the NEGRONI Customer Desk within 14 days. We can guide you in the most suitable size as much as possible,
We will consult with you again.