Boot hinge Shoehorn

Lombardia Tan
Ash Brown

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A shoe horn keyring with carabiner fittings reminiscent of classic car boot hinges. The unique gimmick, which opens and closes by pulling the pin, was designed by the Italian company Molini, which specialises in luxurious luster polish. The shoehorn itself is made of luxurious, top-quality vegetable-tanned leather from the long-established Tannery "Lo Stivalle" in Santa Croce. The supple double shoulder is washed to give it a rough appearance, and the colour of the leather surface gradually changes over time, becoming more and more like nouveau leather.

Body: Lombardia Tan (Cowhide, Plant Tannin)

[Made in Italy]

Metal parts: Carabina hinging (manufactured by Molini)

[Made in Italy]

Total length 150mm / Shoe Horn width 43mm


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