All-weather fabric model

All weather fabric model

It is a Grand Prix Hi-Top that is becoming a new standard of Negronon, but it is a fabric type of the entry model that boasts very popular among them. This model designed as a Motif of the latter 60's, is a slender but a negron-based laste (wood type) that is hard to feel cramped to the nails. Body uses lightweight and strong, high water repellency Cordura® fabric 1000 and water repellent wet track calf that works with contrast. I do not choose the weather, strong and universal usability is attractive. In addition, standard-equipped rubber shoe races can be removed and detached with a string. Also, if you seek more tight hold, optional cotton shoe races are also available. Enjoy a classic racing style that is easy to drop on a daily basis.


Grand Prix High Top
Wettrack Calaf & Cordura Fabric®︎
All three colors ¥ 31,900 (tax included)

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  Navy & Classic BrownKahki & Medium BrownBlack & Black Oxide