Shoehorn with unique carabiner design

Individual carabiner design shoes

Boot hinge shoe horn appeared as a new leather product of Negrononi. A unique Italian bracket reminiscent of a race car bonnet pin or a boot hinge is a strange mechanism that carabiner opens up with a pin a diagonally. Gorgeous colored leather used for shoe brid part is the finest plant tannin leather , which is also used for driving shoes. The back of the new flag logo of Negroni is engraved on the back.

Negroni Boot Hinge Shoe Horn All 4 Colors ¥ 8,800 (tax included)

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British Racing Green
Alfama Orange
Ash Brown


Pure Black



Body: Lombardy Tan (Cowhide, Plant Tannin)
[Made in Italy]

Metal parts: Carabina hinging (manufactured by Molini)
[Made in Italy]


Total length 150mm / Shoe Bed width 43mm